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how to draw funny cartoon characters using cute lessons

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Characters Using Cute Lessons

In this section of the site, you will learn how to draw funny cartoon characters and animals mostly made from basic shapes and filled with plain colors. All illustrations are based on a similar template making this collection easy to illustration once you are familiar with the original design. 

As you can see in the example below featuring a cat, these characters consist of a large body that is also used to create the head. Then, a few rectangular shapes are added to for the legs and the arms of the characters. Large circles are needed to form the eyes and the pupils. The mouth is mostly made from pointed lines and more features are added depending on the character you are working on (in this case, we need whiskers and a long curved tail).

How to draw funny cartoon characters

Some original "twists" are also possible. If you take a look at the turtle found below, you can see that the shell is located in an area that usually contains the body of a normal character. It's not a big issue since the animal is still easily recognizable. This simple variation opens a lot of possibilities that we can play with. Indeed, we can cheat a little while drawing cartoon animals and still end up with cute and believable characters.

How to draw funny cartoon characters

Of course, we can also use this template to create humans, just like the cute doctor clip art found below. In this case, no need to cheat or distort reality to come up with a genuine version of this cartoon character. The fact that the body, the mouth and the eyes are similar from one character to another is facilitating our work. Once you are comfortable drawing the elements, sketching more cartoon animals and characters become quite simple.

How To Draw Funny Cartoon Characters Using Cute Lessons

Below you can see all animals and characters included in this collection. I hope you will have fun working with all these beautiful illustrations. 


Farm animals


Sea Animals

Wild Animals

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