Draw It Forward: Funny Cartoon Animal

Create unlimited products and copies using 2000+ cute cartoon illustrations now!
Create unlimited products and copies using 2000+ cute cartoon illustrations now!
Create unlimited products and copies using 2000+ cute cartoon illustrations now!

For this second challenge of the "Draw it forward" game, I am submitting a template of a funny cartoon animal shape! It could be any animal you wish! 

Just copy this image and use it to create another drawing. Once you are finished, submit your illustration using the simple form below.

Don't forget that the game also allows you to copy the image of another player (available under the submission form below) and create a new design with it. 

When you are done, just post this new image using the same form below. 

The template to copy for this game is available below:

Draw it forward game 2


  • You agree, when submitting your image to this game, that someone else might copy this image and use it as a template for a new design (but since it's the goal of the game, I presume you do agree ;)!).
  • If you copied the image of someone else, please mention it in the title (ex: New image based on the drawing of...).
  • You can use any software (including paint) to create your image. Please don't crop your image or change the resolution, otherwise it might be rejected.
  • Create your drawing inside the painting area define by the black line.
  • To avoid lost of image quality (since others might use your image), AVOID the .JPG format. You can use the .GIF format for a lighter and cleaner image.
  • You can post as many images as you wish! Just draw and have fun!

Have fun and don't forget to "Draw it forward!"

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors. Don't forget that you can copy any images below and create a new drawing out of them!

My Cat Avatar "Bluestreak" 
A pic using this template of my warrior cat avatar Bluestreak. Like if you love the warriors series or you think my pic is cute!

dragon (spyro style) 
this is a cute dragon based off a dragon from my second favorite video game.

super cute template doggy! 
this is a dog i randomly drew because i was staring at my nannys dog, Zack. it iz cute and i decided to submit it.

Well... now ist is a bunny :)

Dog listening 
This picture shows a cartoon dog listening for something.

Heyy this is a piggy!!!!! i havent submited anything for awihle but here you go hope you like it!!!!!

It is like a werewolf but it is human/dog instead of human/wolf!!! LOL!!!! I think that it's cute so please no haters!!!!!

Don't get burned!!! Don't worry, he just burns computer viruses.

Baby Louise 
This is my best friends sister, Baby Louise. Louise is a girl who loves the colors pink, blue, and purple. She has big baby blue eyes and one tooth. Baby …

Mr. F. Rog 
Mr. F. Rog is a froggy person which jumped out of Mr. Bucket's head after it got turned round the right way. He just found himself a new waterlillyhouse …

My Dog!! 
well. this is a drawing of my dog. nuff said.

Here is a bull :) done on photoshop CS4

This drawing (on paint) is a cat. Before & After... Thank you!

cartoon lion! 
my cartoon young lion is designd by me!

Funny seagull 
Show me the Croc

I was bored so I drew this cute puppy!

Cute monkey with bears ears and tail and pig nose.

I was searching for mouse drawings and found this one. I have never before tried to draw in template, so here is my first try. :) Hope you like it.

turtles rule!!!! 
im in love with turtles so heres a painting by me of a turtle.

platypus thing 

Fiesta Monkey 
From Brasil to streets Of New Orleans....samba & rumba....

Ooops, I guess I didn't read the instructions very well before I got started. I just started making something out of nothing, and before I knew it this …

a froggy catching a fly - yum yum


Another example 
Hi! Here is another example with a fantasy creature. The image is almost abstract. You don't need to create only a dog or a cat! Let your imagination …

An example for the animal template! 
Hi! I submitted this illustration based on the template to give you an example of what your drawing could look like. Remember that you don't need …

My Puppy 
Just a dog

Dragon :) 
I used the cartoon animal template for this dragon, but i had to rub out a few lines so i could fit in the snout and stuff (i hope thats ok!!!).

Flipper Nugget 
Flipper Nugget is a imaginary animal who lives in rainforests. It does not like to be disturbed in its natural habitat and loves to eat berries. A Flipper …

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Create unlimited products and copies using 2000+ cute cartoon illustrations now!
Create unlimited products and copies using 2000+ cute cartoon illustrations now!

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