Various Frog Outline Examples

Using most of the techniques you have learned so far, I will show you various frog outline examples to help you apply these techniques properly!

All four examples can be used without any problems, only the desired effect will be different! Just go with the one you feel more comfortable with or just create your own outline using other variations if you feel more inspired!

Example #1

frog outline

This first example is a classic one. I use this simple technique 99% of the time. The character is drawn with a simple and regular black outline. It's the perfect recipe when creating step-by-step drawing lessons like I do.

Example #2

frog outline

The second one is already more interesting. The outline is lighter and irregular (notice that some lines are thicker while others are thinner). I've also change the color of the pupils to red. 

Therefore, the black color is completely removed from the drawing. Yes, you can create a cartoon character without using this color. It might not be suitable for all images, but in this case, it's working pretty well!

Example #3

frog outline

The third one is less interesting, but still pretty effective. The main color of the frog is brighter and the outline is light and subtle. The eyes and the pupils are back in black. 

Compare to the last drawing (with a light outline, but a darker color on the plain areas), this one is easier to read. So if you wish to use a color other than black to create the outline of your character, try to use a light color for the plain areas and a darker tone for the outline.

Example #4

frog outline

Finally, this drawing is probably the most interesting one! The color of the outline is filled with subtle tones variation. The main color used to filled the frog is light (and the outline is always a little darker) and the width of the outline is irregular. The drawing is more dynamic and more enjoyable to look at. 

Mixing all techniques you've learned previously can be a tricky at times. You might be tempted to overuse these effects, resulting in a drawing that is messy or hard to read.

Remember that simplicity is always better. The frog outline examples you've just studied are simple and nice. I hope you enjoyed this outline tutorial and happy drawing!

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