Frog Drawings (Sketching + Vector)

Learn how to draw nice frog drawings using a simple pencil, a piece of paper and a vector application! This cute cartoon animal is fun to draw. Using a few circular shapes and a few simple drawing techniques, you can end up with a nice cartoon character in no time.

My goal was to create a good-looking 2D character with nice shadows and a cute head. Adding some depth to the illustration will be your toughest challenge. It's not easy to create good-looking shadows without adding too much (useless) details. But don't worry, the tutorial should be fun and easy to achieved. 

Before proceeding with the written version of this lesson, you can try the video found below. :)

Step 1

Frog drawings

First, you need to grab a good old pencil and sketch the cartoon character on a piece of paper. Once you are finished, just scan your illustration on your computer. This tutorial doesn't include the step-by-step process for drawing the original character since it's not for beginners.

Step 2

Frog drawings

Add dark outlines on your illustration. I like to use lines that don't have regular width. It's even better if both ends of each line is pointed. You can now delete the original image since we won't need it to create the vector version.

Step 3

Frog drawings

Create new shapes to add plain colors to the frog. These new shapes must be placed behind the outlines.

Step 4

Frog drawings

Use the gradient tool to add a simple shadow effect on all shapes. The cartoon character looks nice, but it can be even better!

Step 5

Frog drawings

Draw new shapes to create darker shadows on areas that are located on the far side of the light source. I usually place the (imaginary) light on top of the character and a little bit on its right. 

Step 6

Frog drawings

Use the transparency tool to partially hide the top part of the elements created previously. The character is getting better and better, but it can be even more interesting if we add a little bit of reflection.

Step 7

Frog drawings

I like to create white shapes on areas that are directly exposed to the light source. I also make sure that a small space is left between the new shape and the outline. For some reason, the drawing is visually more interesting when doing so. 

Step 8

Frog drawings

Once again, use the transparency tool to hide the bottom part of shapes created in the previous step. Great job! At this point, our little friend looks great! I could end this tutorial now, but there is a little modification that needs to be added.

Step 9

Frog drawings

Select the outlines and change the color using a dark tone similar to the color of the shape that is closer to each line. Nice! Of course, you can create more frog drawings to practice yourself. Have fun! :)

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