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How to Draw a Frog Clipart made from solid shapes

How to Draw a Frog Clipart

Before trying to illustrate this frog clipart, let's talk a little bit more about this wonderful animal. Of course, frogs are usually known for their abilities to jump high and farther than any other similar living creature. Surprisingly, frogs are probably more than 200 million years old.

They have a stout body, a long tongue, large eyes and strong back legs. Some frogs prefer to live in fresh water while others don't mind spending their lives on dry land. They have a pretty good vision and are able to hear, despite not having external ears. 

In this drawing tutorial, you will have the opportunity to create a cartoon frog like the one shown above. As you can see, this simple cartoon version is quite easy to duplicate. Simply follow all four steps found below carefully and you should be alright! Ready? Let's draw! :)

Step 1

Let's start by sketching the body of the frog using a large rectangle. On top of the rectangle, you can draw two small curved lines to illustrate the position of the eyes. You can leave a small straight lines visible between both curved lines. Finally, you can sketch the back legs using once again a few curved lines. Once you are done, you can proceed to the second step. 

How to Draw a Frog Clipart

Step 2

Next, you can draw the eyes and the pupils using circular shapes. Make sure the eyes are perfectly aligned with the curved lines drawn on top of the head. When you are ready, you can also illustrate the mouth using a simple curved line made from pointed ends. 

How to Draw a Frog Clipart

Step 3

For this third step, you can draw a large patch on the stomach of the cartoon frog using another long curved line. The front legs (or arms in this case) are made from straight lines. That's it for the drawing part of the tutorial. Let's add some colors now! :)

How to Draw a Frog Clipart

Step 4

You can start by adding a bright red color inside both pupils. The eyes can remain white. The body and the back legs are colored in green. The small patch on the stomach is filled with a subtle yellow color. You can also add a dark green color on all outlines found in this illustration, except for the pupils. 

How to Draw a Frog Clipart

Good work! This frog clipart is ready to jump!

Nice! This frog clipart is visually simple, but quite effective. You can see all four steps needed to create this character grouped into a single image below.

How to Draw a Frog Clipart

I also did another simple cartoon tutorial on how to draw a frog made from circular shapes. Feel free to try this other lesson and learn more about converting this great animal into a fun cartoon illustration. :)

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