how to draw a frog clip art

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a frog clip art made from simple elements and filled with amazing effects like shadows, highlights and textures. Frogs are quite fun to illustrate when it comes to playing with texture. The bright and unique look of the skin is a real challenge to illustrate inside a simple cartoon image. Fortunately, adding these effects is not as hard as it seems! ;)

How to draw a frog clip art

Before proceeding with this drawing tutorial, let's take a few seconds to learn more about this cartoon animal so that you can visualize more easily all the steps to come ...

  1. The frog is featuring large and round cheeks.
  2. Eyes are yellow and pupils are red. Reflection is also visible inside both pupils.
  3. The top of the head is round and small.
  4. Lips are large and pointed (especially on top).
  5. A large yellow patch can be seen below the mouth.
  6. Another large patch is located on the chest of the cartoon frog.
  7. Back legs are long, thin and quite powerful.
  8. Both feet are also strong, thin and long.
  9. Hands are smaller and located near the chest of the character.
  10. Don't forget the texture! :)

For this drawing lesson, you can either follow the written version found on this page or simply enjoy the short video located below this paragraph. Of course, using both versions is also a good idea since they are both featuring slightly different information that can help you understand all steps more easily.

step 1 - drawing a simple sketch to get started

Before opening your vector application to draw this cute cartoon frog, it can be a good idea to create a little sketch. This one can be pretty simple using only a few lines and basic shapes to create the character. When you sketch is drawn, import this one to start this lesson.

How to draw a frog clip art

step 2 - adding lines to begin this tutorial

The first thing we need to do is draw lines to illustrate this frog clip art. We are not creating solid shapes for now! You can use long and large pointed lines to draw the head, the body, the arms, the legs and the patches. Notice how lines to create these patches are much thinner.

Then, you can use four circular shapes to represent the pupils and the eyes. It's also a good practice to use colors for these strokes. Black outlines are fine, but using a few colors (like a dark green color for the body and a dark red one for the eyes) can be visually more appealing).

How to draw a frog clip art

step 3 - Solid shapes to add solid colors

So far only lines were created. I like to draw solid all shapes separately. It's easier to handle and add effects like shadows and textures when lines and shapes are not part of the same object. As you can see below, the frog is mostly green while patches are beige/yellow. Pupils are red and the eyes are yellow.

How to draw a frog clip art

step 4 - color gradients to create depth and volume

Using color gradients, you can also add more depth and volume to the character in just a few seconds. Every single shape should be darker on the bottom and brighter on top. All elements (even the pupils and the eyes) are colored using the same technique.

How to draw a frog clip art

step 5 - drawing shadows for more realism

Another interesting step we can take to make this frog clip art even more realistic is draw more shadows manually. As you can see below, circles were added below the eyes and more shadows were drawn inside both yellow patches. The bottom of the body is also quite busy with shadows drawn inside the hands, near the bottom of the back legs and under the arms.

How to draw a frog clip art

step 6 - reflection to create a more adorable frog clip art

Highlights or reflections are also needed to give more depth to this cartoon illustration. These new shapes are colored in white and partially hidden (you can learn more about this step inside the video found above). Simply try to add these new objects in areas highly exposed to the light source. You can see inside the next step how these new objects should look like.

How to draw a frog clip art

step 7 - Textures to bring this cartoon frog to life!

One last step to complete this drawing lesson would be to add texture all over the body. Notice that these textures are separated in different objects to handle transparency more easily. For example, both patches are filled with different textures. It's also the case for the head, the body and the back legs.

How to draw a frog clip art

one cute final character that looks cool!

This is the frog clip art once all effects are added. As you can see, it's important to make sure that all effects (shadows, highlights and textures) are subtle and not too distracting. It is useless to create strong and dark shadows unless you are looking to create a dramatic effect.

How to draw a frog clip art

Draw more frogs and have fun!

I hope you had fun working with this cartoon frog. You can try more animals from the same series here. Don't hesitate to create more frogs too using your own style. All tips available here can be used on any character you can think of. Have fun and be creative! :)

How to draw a frog clip art

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