Protecting Your Free Comic Strips

Offering free comic strips online is a good way to build traffic and a targeted audience.If you strip is really good, then chances are that your visitors will come back over and over again. 

Fidelity is the key word here. Repeated visitors will come to know you and they will be more willing to buy an e-book or other merchandise from you.

Some people are managing a blog and are offering one cartoon a day. Others will update their blog every three weeks. But how can you prevent someone from stealing your work from you?

Sadly, it's almost impossible. But you can always do the following to make it more difficult for them to do so!

  1. Put a watermark on your images with your URL and your name.
  2. Put a warning on your website that you will take action if someone is trying to steal your work.
  3. Subscribe to Google alerts. By choosing words related to your comic strip (like the name of the strip or the characters), you will be notified if someone somewhere is trying to sell your work without your consent.
  4. Do some search on Google about your comic strip.
  5. Subscribe to Copyscape. If someone is using the same text as you do, you will be aware of it immediately.
  6. Don't put high quality images on your site. Try using a good quality but not the best one. If someone is making a copy of your jpg images, chances are that they won't look as good as they do on your site.
  7. Unable right mouse click on your site.
  8. Try to hide a very subtle watermark on your images. In case of a lawsuit, you might be able to prove by revealing it to the jury that the image is really yours!

Like I said earlier, nothing will protect you at 100% from being copied by a thief. But at least, you will make their job harder and you will have all the tools needed to defend yourself properly in case of a trial!

Don't hesitate to offer your free comic strips online! Your visitors will be happy to read you!

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