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creating adorable Fox Drawings using simple effects

Creating Adorable Fox Drawings Using Simple Effects

Draw cool fox drawings using a few shapes and a robust vector software! I'll show you how to apply basic effects using a vector application to create a drawing that is unique and visually appealing.

Just make sure that you have everything you need to sketch your cartoon character on a piece of paper and when you are done, simply import your illustration on your computer to complete the drawing with your vector software.

Step 1

fox drawings

First, sketch your fox using a pencil. This animal is usually made of a large tail, a pointed nose and a particular head shape. Ears should be large and pointed too.

Step 2

fox drawings

Import your illustration into a vector application. Add dark outlines to your picture. These lines will be colored differently later on.

Step 3

fox drawings

The plain shapes must be added separately. I usually create these new shapes on a different layer. By doing so, I will have the opportunity to add shadows and reflections between the outlines and plain shapes, making sure that the outlines are not partially covered by these new elements.

Step 4

fox drawings

Use the gradient tool to add a simple shadow effect on all parts of the cartoon character. At this point, the illustration is already good. You can stop here, or move forward to add even more details to your illustration.

Step 5

fox drawings

Create darker shapes under the outlines (but over the plain shapes) to illustrate stronger shadows. I like to place the light source on top of the character (slightly on the right), so place the shadows accordingly. 

Step 6

fox drawings

Use the transparency tool to hide the top part of the shapes created previously. Shadow are now done.

Step 7

fox drawings

Your fox drawings can also be enhanced by adding reflection. Duplicate important shapes like the head, the tail, the feet, the leg and the ears. When you are done, scale these new shapes so that they end up smaller than the original ones.

The pink patch is another reflection that will be added in the next step (it's just easier to see that way otherwise it would be white on white).

Step 8

fox drawings

Select the transparency tool and hide the bottom part of all new shapes. Remember to keep only a small portion of the shapes created for reflections. Otherwise, your drawing will be too bright and hard to read. 

Step 9

fox drawings

The last thing you can do is change the color of the outlines. Try to pick a darker tone of the color available inside the drawing. That's it! I hope you had fun drawing this cute cartoon fox and don't hesitate to try more animals below. :)

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