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how to draw a flower clip art filled with beautiful patterns

How to draw a flower clip art

In this simple lesson, I will show you how to create a flower clip art filled with basic textures and effects created using a vector application. Indeed, the real challenge for this tutorial is not to draw a flower. The most difficult aspect of this step-by-step journey is to learn how to add shadows, textures and highlights quickly and easily using mostly basic shapes, colors and lines.

step 1 - drawing the flower using circles and oval shapes

First, let's sketch the flower clip art using a large circle (in the middle) and eight oval shapes (for the petals). Notice how these oval shapes are not made from regular lines. Indeed, each petal is wider near the tip and narrower near the center of the illustration. Four petals are behind all other petals using a regular pattern.

How to draw a flower clip art

step 2 - adding beautiful plain colors

In this second step, you can add solid colors inside the illustration. The center is colored in yellow (with a slight touch of orange) while all petals are blue. Notice that all four petals that are slightly behind are darker. We will accentuate this effect later using color gradients and shadows.

How to draw a flower clip art

step 3 - adding color gradients to create a layer of depth

If you are using a vector application to create this flower, then you can use the color gradients tool to add some volume and depth to this flower clip art. In this case, the tip of all petals must be brighter and the middle part darker. For the center of the flower, the bottom left must be orange and the top right yellow.

How to draw a flower clip art

step 4 - drawing some reflection on the entire subject

Before working on shadows, it can be a good idea to draw some highlights using new solid shapes. Simply duplicate each petal and slightly reduce the size of these new shapes.

Change the color of all new shapes to white. Then, you can play with the opacity of these elements so that the top part remains visible while the bottom becomes transparent. Follow the same recipe for the reflection added in the middle of the cartoon flower.

How to draw a flower clip art

step 5 - adding shadows

Three types of shadows must be added inside the flower. First, draw a simple one on the bottom of the circle located in the middle of the illustration. Then, draw small circular ones on petals that are located in front. For the petals on the back, larger shadows are required since these elements are supposed to be partially hidden by petals located in front of the image.

How to draw a flower clip art

step 6 - a first set of texture on the petals

We can now draw some texture on all eight petals. To do so, simply draw one long line that must divide each shape vertically. On each side of this line, draw a wide variety of smaller lines made from pointed ends. These new lines are shown in yellow below. Of course, you must use a dark blue color for your version. :)

How to draw a flower clip art

step 7 - More textures added inside the circle

For this second texture, use several small dots to create a pattern that will be added in the middle of the flower clip art. This new texture must be colored in orange (but it's currently purple so that you can see this one more easily for this step). Also, make sure the top of the texture is partially hidden. It's also a good idea to place this new element behind the shadow and the reflection already available inside the middle circle.

How to draw a flower clip art

step 8 - one final pattern to create more volume

Petals are rarely flat and filled with solid colors. That's why it can be a good idea to create a nice pattern on all petals to create more depth inside this illustration. For this example, textures are made from small curved lines colored in white (shown in yellow for this step only). Once again, don't hesitate to play with the opacity of the textures to end up with a very subtle effect.

How to draw a flower clip art

This is our flower clip art once all digital effects are added!

Here you go! One cool flower clip art made from simple shapes, lines and filled with textures that are very easy to sketch. Of course, don't hesitate to play with colors, patterns, textures and shapes. Possibilities are endless when it comes to illustrating beautiful cartoon flowers using a vector application.

How to draw a flower clip art

These are all steps needed to draw this beauty!

Below you can see all nine steps required to draw this cute flower. Take your time to study all steps carefully if you need to.

How to draw a flower clip art

I hope you had fun working with this tutorial and don't hesitate to try more characters, objects and miscellaneous content available in this collection. Working with a vector software can be pretty cool once you are able to create a few basic effects. :)

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