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How to Draw a firefighter clipart with a fun look

How To Draw A Firefighter Clipart

In this easy drawing tutorial, I will show you how to create a firefighter clipart using simple elements and plain colors. This lesson is perfect if you are a beginner looking for an easy character to duplicate using only a few details and basic shapes.

Firefighters are not only useful when a building is on fire, but they can also help people that need medical attention or remove someone trapped inside a car. Yes, they can also help cats trapped on top of trees, but this situation is not as frequent as described in novels or movies! ;)

Step 1

Great! Let's start with adding a small square to create the head. Inside the head, draw two large circles to form the eyes. Then, you can draw pupils using smaller circular shapes. Finally, draw a long curved line to represent the mouth of the firefighter. Ears are done from small circles.

The body and the legs are done using thinner rectangles. The feet are made from curved lines and the arms are done using small rectangles. Complete this step by adding hands using circles.

How To Draw A Firefighter Clipart

Step 2

So far, our character looks like a normal person. Let's add some accessories to create a firefighter out of it. Start by adding the helmet using a long and thin rectangle on the bottom and two bigger shapes on top. Don't forget the logo in the center of the object. You can also draw some hair on both sides of the head.

How To Draw A Firefighter Clipart

Step 3

Below the eyes, draw a small moustache using curved lines. On the suit of the cartoon character, draw some stripes using straight lines and add a collar made from small triangles. Good job! It's now time to add some colors inside all these shapes.

How To Draw A Firefighter Clipart

Step 4

The helmet must be red and the logo yellow. The hair, the pupils, the feet and the moustache are brown. Finally, the suit is filled with a mix of several tones of yellow.

How To Draw A Firefighter Clipart

Nice work creating a fun firefighter clipart in just four easy steps!

Excellent work drawing a cool cartoon firefighter from basic shapes and colors. Below, you can see all four steps required to illustrate this character properly.

How To Draw A Firefighter Clipart

Have fun creating your own versions and don't forget to practice as often as needed if you want to improve your drawing abilities quickly and effectively.

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