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how to draw farm clipart animals

How to draw farm clipart animals : Chicken

Learn how to draw three farm clipart animals: a chicken, a bunny and a rooster. I will show you how to create a simple template using two simple squares to illustrate all three characters. Even more interesting is the fact that this template can also be used to draw all the animals you can think of. These lessons are perfect for beginners of all ages! Ready? Let's start this small collection of tutorials with the first lesson now ...

a beautiful cartoon chicken with a cute head

You can begin working on the chicken by sketching two large squares made from round corners. Make sure that both shapes are separated by a white space. Then, draw two small oval shapes on top of the head. Both eyes are made from small oval shapes and tiny white circles are added inside the eyes.

The beak is made from a large triangles made from a curved line. Wings are tiny and made from oval shapes while both legs are created using four short straight lines. You can color the character in yellow, orange and red. Good work! Our first farm clipart animal is now completed.

How to draw farm clipart animals : Chicken

Moving on with an adorable cartoon bunny

This time, let's draw a more challenging creature: a bunny. Use the same technique as above to illustrate the head and the body. Then, draw two large ears made from long curved lines. Eyes are made from dots while the nose is created using a tiny triangle.

The mouth and the whiskers are done using short lines. One simple tooth is drawn below the mouth. You can also sketch a patch around the mouth. Draw all four legs using basic curved lines. Another large patch is created on the chest. Add a few basic pink colors inside the character.

How to draw farm clipart animals : Bunny

Drawing a rooster in four easy steps

This cartoon rooster is quite similar to the chicken with some notable differences. First, the body and the head are still done using the same process. Hair on top is made from a long broken line. Both eyes are done using small dots and the beak is made from a triangle. 

Draw both wings using curved lines and use small lines to form the tail. Both legs are also made from short straight lines. The character remains white, but the beak and the legs are orange. Some red color can also be applied on a few body parts.

How to draw farm clipart animals : Rooster

It's time to draw more farm clipart animals

I hope you had fun creating all three farm clipart animals found on this page. More animals from the same series are also available here. Don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and draw more characters using your imagination. As long as you are practicing on a daily basis, you will improve your drawing skills quickly and effectively. :)

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