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How to draw famous cartoon characters

How To Draw Famous Cartoon Characters

Learning how to draw famous cartoon characters can be a rewarding experience. Indeed, characters from our childhood are definitely fun to illustrate. It's even more challenging to create our own versions using familiar features using simple shapes, lines and colors. Of course, the subject must be recognizable to be effective, but it's still interesting to create a well-known character using our own style. 

So don't be surprised if most famous characters found here are not 100% similar to the original ones. Yes, it can be fun to learn to draw Frankenstein exactly how this one appeared in movies, but adding your own personal touch is also important. As long as the character is appealing and easily recognizable, then I think our goal is reached.

Ready? Let's start our journey into the wonderful world of popular icons ...

I've got a monkey on my back!

Perhaps the most terrifying monster of all time, King Kong is definitely a very huge monkey. The original film from 1933 was a huge success and many remakes, spin-offs, parodies and cartoons were created following this first installment. Sometimes King Kong is perceived as a brutal monster, sometimes he's considered like an antihero.

Below, you can learn how to draw King Kong using simple shapes to begin with. Then, you can sketch the body using multiple short lines. Make sure that both legs are much shorter than the arms. The character is filled with a mix of gray colors. Simple effects like shadows and reflections are also added to the final illustration.

How To Draw Famous Cartoon Characters - King Kong

Can I have a little bit of your blood please?

Another popular character from the nineteenth century is Dracula. Created by Bram Stoker in 1897, this creepy creature was everywhere in the 50s and 60s. We all know how to get rid of this horrible character! Vampires don't like daylight, garlic or a simple cross. You can only kill a vampire with a sharp piece of hood that is staked through the heart. It's also important to note that no vampire can enter a house without being invited first (so just don't invite one!).

You can start this lesson on how to draw a vampire by creating the silhouette of this famous cartoon character using curved lines. Adding black and red colors is also required. This version of Dracula is filled with simple shadows that are colored in black and partially transparent. Don't forget to create a few highlights to complete this lesson.

How To Draw Famous Cartoon Characters - Dracula


Most people are not aware that the name of the creature shown below is not Frankenstein. Indeed, this is the name of the creator of this iconic monster (Victor Frankenstein) and not the name of the green character. Created in 1818 by author Mary Shelley, this novel is probably the first one to combine elements from horror and science fiction into a single work. 

This weird creature is very fun to illustrate. The version available below is pretty basic. Notice the shape of the mouth and the position of both teeth. This cute character is filled with brown and green colors. Don't forget to create simple shadows to create more volume and contrast inside your image.

How To Draw Famous Cartoon Characters - Frankenstein

More famous cartoon characters to enjoy!

Below, you can find the whole list of famous cartoon characters available in this section. Don't hesitate to use these lessons as a starting point. Drawing these creatures using your own style is definitely a good idea. Enjoy! :)

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