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You have a gift at drawing famous cartoon characters? You keep drawing Homer Simpson or Spongebob while listening to the teacher?

Why not scan these drawings and show them to us (so that you can go back and listen to your teacher!)?

This section is really intended for drawings representing any famous characters that you might think of. Whether they come from television, comic strips or any other media, just upload them here and write a couple of words about your work!

Drawing famous character is a nice and easy way to practice yourself. Most beginners find it more stimulating to draw a well-known character rather than creating one from scratch!

And by doing so, without noticing it, you will get even better and you will learn to develop and master your own style!

Have fun!

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Melissa sehl art work 
I have lots of drawings

Astro James Wells 
Astro James Wells a Fictional Character an eleven year old American boy who lives with his grandparents, because his parents was captured and taken to …

Astro James Wells 
11 Year Old Astro James Wells

Cartoon Birthday Party 
Its being wonderful idea to join cartoon birthday party.

taylor Swift 
I tried to draw my favourite celebrity. I think she is really special in every way.

Ghostbusters logo 
Ghostbuster logo im a huge fan thats why i drew it

Cute ganesha with ladoo in his hand and seeing upward as thinking from where this ladoo has came :P

Character from Looney toones 
Hi I would like to share with u my draw I hope u like it and enjoy it thank you.

Lion King 
Took me 5 hours. You are never too young for love.

Repubzel takes us to another level of thrill and adventure. One of disney's greatest movies.

Love's in the air 
You can not not love the adorablness of mickey and mini mouse.. One of the oldest love stories of all times. We grew up on that love story. It made us …

A Mix of Some Well Known Cartoons! 
Can you recognize each one of them?

Minne Might Mouse Betty Boop Jessica Rabbit 
Variety of well known cartoons.

Minnie Mouse the girlfriend of the Famous Mikey Mouse.

The cartoon princess named Cinderella.

Pebbles and Bam Bam 
The famous kids off of The Flintstones.

Pink panther 
The famous pinkpanther investigating crimes.

The friendly Dragon named toothless.

Pilsberry Doboy 
The friendly boy that is made out of dough and suggest to try his tummy biscuits.

Batman the Hero

The Little mermaid that loves finding human items and hearing about the life above the sea.

Sebastian Ariels body guard 
Sebastian the crab that protects Ariel (the little mermaid) While she goes on her adventures.

Flounder Ariels best friend 
Flounder is Ariel best friend and they swim and find human items around the sea.

Twinly friendly penguin girls 
These twinly friendly penguins are sporty and artistic with a flair of fashion.

Elsa Frozen  
Elsa the Queen that has this powerful ability to freeze all things and has a cold heart because she has never truly loved.

Anna from thr movie Frozen  
This is the my version of Anna the sister that doesn't have the powers to freeze things but has the loving heart that her sister does not obtain.

pencil draw

a pencil drawing imitation

a pencil drawing imitation

a pencil drawing imitation

Lion king Mufaza 
a pencil drawing imitation at my age of 8

I always love Looney Tunes characters, especially this one.

We are now in the movie

John Lennon Drawing 
So my friend loves the Beatles, so I drew her this picture. Free handed. :)

Nightmare Before Christmas 
I mainly do themed drawings. I free handed this drawing along with all of my other drawings. I penciled this out, then outlined it, then i finished it …

Sponge Bob? Poor Super man! 
Is Sponge Bob all that nice?

I can draw alot of cartoon and one was suppose to be a tattoo but it look like a fish to me =)

king of the jungle  
This drawing is a drawing of The Lion King.

i just like to draw what i see and what i think of, sometimes i change it around and sometimes i like it how it is.

red x 
He's a cool guy with his mask kinda looks like a shcull with a cape and sometimes I think he's robin from teen titans and batman He has a belt with …

Disney drawing 
I drew this from a poster.

This is a character from pokemon thought it was so cute when I finished drawing it Also drew a picture of baby Donald Duck A bengals tiger and also …

This is a free hand drawing no picture just out of my own creation and imagination. Its daisy from Mario the game. This is one of my favorite drawing I …

I drew this by just watching the lion king movie. its scar and it is a free hand drawing.

I drew this two years ago for the fun of it. this drawing is free hand

draw this for my brother its 17 from dragon ball z free hand drawing

Loin King  
Simba and mom and dad All free hand drawing

I draw this while watching lion king {all my work is free hand no tracing}

18 from dragon ball z 
I draw this picture of 18 last year for my brother

Sid the Sloth (from Ice Age) 
Hey all! Here's my latest drawing. Its Sid the Sloth from the movie Ice Age.

Monsters Inc 
Mike and Boo from Monsters Inc.

Grumpy Balcony Guys from the Muppets 
Here are the two old dudes that sit up in the balcony heckling everyone on the Muppet Show.

the little princess 
Here is a little princess who with her new dress..she is enjoying the nature!

Haruhi Miritian (Ha-roo-hee Mah-rid-ee-on) 
this is a drawing of one of the characters that i draw alot. i made her up on my own. she is a nice and careing girl that loves her sisters and she …

sonic the hedgehog 
this is a rough sketch of sonic

angellina jolie  
may be 10% look like original

Donald Duck drawing 
Hope you and everybody like the Donald Duck drawing I did.

My Drawing of Cinderella 
I have been looking for other websites to post my drawings on and can't find any.Your website is a good one to show other people the work I really put …

Little Mermaid 
WEll dis is LITTLE MERMAID......hope you all like it.

Invader Zim 
Invader Zim is one of my favorite shows!He has this minion called Grr.

Min-Min is a pink marshmellow with two blue eyes and a blue bow.

Angry Beavers colored 
This is the Angry Beavers colored form I created in Photoshop after the original sketch was made. I imported it into Photoshop to create some colors that …

Rocko from Rockos Modern Life colored 
After drawing the first sketch of the Rocko and Spunky picture, I imported it into Photoshop to add some nice vibrant colors so it stands out.

Rockos Modern Life original sketch 
Basically I drew Rocko from the series Rockos Modern Life which used to air on Nickelodeon a while back. This piece of art was drawn in permanent marker …

Hidden Garden 
The drawing is complex and hard to do for a highschooler like me :D

Another Earthworm Jim and TMNT character! 
Ah, another installment to the clash of videogame universe. This one is Peter Puppy from Earthworm Jim and Leonardo from Ninja Turtles. All comments (good …

More Battletoads and Ninja Turtles! 
This one is Rash, Pimple, and Michaelangelo together in one. I have a few more of these that I can't wait to share!

Earthworm Jim and Ninja Turtles! 
This is another clash of game characters I bring you. Earthworm Jim laughing at Raphael because Snott got his goo all over Ralph. I looked at ideas from …

Battletoads! and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  
First off, I looked at various images from the internet from the battletoads videogame and TMNT cartoon show (1980's - 1990's). I sketched it down on paper, …

Just plain typical eeyore

Modern Mickey Mouse 
I Like mickey mouse...I guess it would be really fun to see the mickey mouse in modern dresses......

I started drawing Tails from I was 8 years old. I then found my passion in drawing, I'm now 11 years old.Tails,became one of my many artwork. He's drawn …

Phineas And Ferb 
Done on


Spongebob Squarepants 
the drawing is spongebob

Bubblegum Tate playing for the Harlem Globetrotters firstly drawn by Matt Groening in the television show, Futurama

Morbo from Futurama 
Morbo from futurama drawn by me.

Ducky Momo 
On one of my favorite TV shows, Phineas and Ferb, Candace dresses up as her childhood rolemodel and best friend, Ducky Momo. I hope you like my drawing! …

Had enough of Batletoads yet? Here's more of 'em. 
I finished this yesterday and it probably took me a total (guessing) 10 hours at the maximum to complete. But it was stretched time, a day here and a day …

Sponge bob 
I like sponge bob very much ......... so I draw it and I hope you like it

Salvester the cat Not rated yet
Salvester is strolling along and finds a wise lady bug and talks to her about Tweety Bird.

A Skull Drawing Not rated yet
This was all free hand by the way. Any way, I was on Facebook one morning, and my friend sent me a link to a skull she found on google. once I got done …

Kitsune Not rated yet
My drawing is a kistune fox.

infamous second son Not rated yet
Sasuke is the second and youngest son of the Konoha Military Police Force captain and Uchiha clan head: Fugaku Uchiha, and his wife Mikoto. Mikoto named …

Mario Not rated yet
This is a picture of Mario I wanted to draw him from the Mario sunshine And I didn't think if it would come out good but it did I'm 20 years old and …

name the drawings Not rated yet
my drawings are cartoon drawings of famous people i have plenty more which im going to send out to lots of news papers.

Ustin Grey Not rated yet
Ustin Grey is a boy vision of Toot off Draw Together

Angry Beavers original sketch Not rated yet
drawing I did of the angry beavers in 2010. Quick concept sketch I created in permanent marker and ink. A show that used to be on Nickelodeon. I used to …

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