Face Off

Drawing caricatures is not an easy task. "Face Off" from author Harry Hamernik is focusing on giving you the right tools to create the best caricatures possible. You probably won't be able to deliver top-notch drawings after using this book, but it will certainly help you in the process of becoming better at drawing human figures.

Face Off

The book is fully illustrated and in color. With over 30 models and hundreds of illustrations available, it is relatively easy to figure out what the author is expecting from us in each tutorial.

All aspects of the human figure are covered here. Whether you want to know how to draw eyes, hair, noses facial expressions or even eyebrows, most of the tools that you need to master in order to create a great caricature are available in this book.

The author of "Face Off" is also depicting various examples to help you create nice front view illustrations as well as 3/4 caricatures and complex profiles. A good mix of female and male figures is also included in the book.

A small section of the book is also devoted to choosing materials and supplies. The author is also giving a few tips on how to create your own lap easel using inexpensive materials that you can find in your local hardware store! The result seems very easy to assemble and it is something that you can carry anywhere!

The book also cover techniques like working with pencils, color pencils, markers and computers. These tips and techniques are very basic (only a few pages for each of them) and it is a part of the book that would've been important to expand a little bit more in my opinion.

Each caricature is usually based on a concept that the reader should work on. For example, one subject is a baby and the author is covering a few basic tips that you should remember to create a nice caricature of a child.

Most examples are relevant (how to plan ahead, how to draw a child's face, ponytails, working with a beard, working with hair, etc...) and the author is covering most of the things that need to be done in a good caricature.

My only concern with the book is its structure. For some reason, I felt like all the information that needed to be said was available, but not shown in a logical manner. Looking for a specific tip might be hard to do, but if you read the entire book from page 1 to page 128, you should find what you are looking for.

Fortunately, a simple index is available at the end of the book, so you should have less trouble finding what you are looking for. 

"Face Off" is a nice tool that should help anyone who wants to become a caricaturist. Examples are colorful and very easy to follow. Of course, if you are struggling while creating a stick figure, this book could be a little bit too advanced for you.

Otherwise, if you already have a natural talent for creating simple drawings, this precious tool could be helpful!

About the book:

Author: Harry Hamernik
Publisher: Impact
Number of pages: 128 pages
Year: 2006

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