How to Create An Eye Texture that looks realistic

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a realistic eye texture. To achieve this, I will take the same template that I used in the eyeball tutorial (in the bodyparts section). However, instead of creating a cartoonish eyeball, I will try to make it look as realistic as possible without being too complicated to draw. 

Of course, every drawing can always be "more" realistic. My goal is not to make one that is close to perfection, but rather one that you will have no trouble reproducing (but still realistic and fun to watch!)!

Step 1

Eye texture 1

Start by drawing a nice, big circle to form the eyeball. Try to make this shape as round as possible. An oval eyeball doesn't work pretty well!

Step 2

Eye texture 1

Continue sketching by adding two circles in the middle to illustrate the pupil. The challenge here is to create a pupil that isn't too big or too small!

Step 3

Eye texture 1

Add some basic colors to your eyeball. The eyeball should not be entirely white. Choose a light grey tone instead. You can color the iris in blue and the pupil in black.

Step 4

Eye texture 1

Now the serious stuff begins! Try to smudge the outline of the pupil a little. You can also add some very subtle and small lines around it just to make sure that the outline isn't perfectly round.

Step 5

Eye texture 1

Next, start working on the iris by adding a light shadow around the pupil. Once again, make sure that this new shape is irregular and organic. The difference between this step and the previous one is very subtle. Don't hesitate to come back and forward between both to make sure you see it!

Step 6

Eye texture 1

Work on the outline of the iris. Just smudge this one to make sure that the outline is not clear and rough. We want a smooth transition between the eyeball and the iris.

Step 7

Eye texture 1

Continue working on the iris by adding a light shadow near the outline of it. Once again (yes, once again!), make sure that this new shape is irregular and organic.

Step 8

Eye texture 1

Now you're probably wondering what happened between the last step and this one? Simple! Some very subtle (but important) lines have been added on the iris (notice the inserted image on the top). These lines should not be completely black. Try to choose a color that is close to the one of the iris.

Step 9

Eye texture 1

Next, refine the outline of the eye texture to make is a little more subtle. A black outline won't make your drawing look very realistic! You can also add some very light red lines on the eyeball to simulate the blood vessels.

Step 10

Eye texture 1

Finally, add some shadows and light effect on the eyball and you are finished! Now you have an eye texture that is more realistic and still pretty easy to create! I hope you had fun creating this amazing texture and don't hesitate to come back for more! Have fun!

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