how to draw an engagement ring clip art

Draw and illustrate a simple, but realistic engagement ring clip art made mostly from circular shapes and bright colors. You will learn how to draw this object from a singular perspective and how to add cool digital effects for a more realistic result. If you can draw using a vector application, then creating this beautiful ring will be even easier.

How to draw an engagement ring clip art

step 1 - drawing a few bright solid shapes

First, you need to sketch a few rings to create the side of the ring as well as the top of it. You can see the side below (darker color) as well as the top of the object. Then, create a simple oval shape on top of the engagement ring to illustrate the diamond. A darker shape is also added behind (and below) the blue jewel.

How to draw an engagement ring clip art

step 2 - color gradients to create more volume inside the image

If you are using a vector software, then adding color gradients inside the illustration should be relatively easy. This fun digital effect is perfect to create more depth and volume without having to draw more shapes or elements. As you can see below, the bottom of the ring is much darker than the top. It's also the case for the blue diamond.

How to draw an engagement ring clip art

step 3 - a few shadows to create more depth

If you want to go a little bit further and create a more realistic cartoon illustration, you can add some shadows manually by drawing darker shapes in some areas. These new elements must be partially transparent to create a more appealing result. See how the diamond and the bottom of the ring are now easier to read?

How to draw an engagement ring clip art

step 4 - Reflections to enhance the volume of the object

Rings are made from highly reflective materials like silver, gold or diamonds. That's why it's a good practice to draw a few highlights and reflections on the object to create a more realistic engagement ring clip art.

As you can see below, a few white rectangles are added all over the object (and all these new shapes are facing towards the same direction). Once again, all elements are filled with a white color and are partially transparent.

How to draw an engagement ring clip art

step 5 - a few more highlights to complete the picture

You can also add larger highlights on the body of the object to complete this lesson. A large oval shape is drawn on the diamond and three additional stripes are drawn on the ring itself. 

How to draw an engagement ring clip art

a nice engagement ring clip art made from simple shapes

As you can see below, the final illustration is built mostly from solid shapes and simple digital effects. All you need to do is add color gradients, create a few shadows manually and sketch small rectangles (that are partially transparent) to form all reflections. This is not a complex object to create, but creating believable effects might be the most challenging part of this lesson. I hope you had fun creating this ring and don't hesitate to draw more solid objects like this one! :)

How to draw an engagement ring clip art
How to draw an engagement ring clip art

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