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how to create an elephant picture using a fun video

How to draw an elephant

In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to draw an elephant picture using a basic video and a simple step-by-step lesson. I will show you how to create the cute character below using mostly thick curved lines, circles and rectangles. This animal can easily be drawn by hand using all tools you love! :)

A basic video to begin with

First, you can try the basic video tutorial located below. You will have the opportunity to see how this basic elephant picture was created in real-time. Take your time, pause the video if needed and don't hesitate to start as often as needed. If you need more information, simply use the written version of this lesson found below the video.

Using this simple step-by-step tutorial

First, we need to make a rough sketch before proceeding with illustrating the character. This template is usually made from basic shapes like circles, rectangles and squares. Below you can see how the head and the bottom of the trunk are made from circles.

The ears, the body, the legs and the top of the trunk are created using large rectangles. See how the character is already recognizable. That's good news! Our job will be easier later in this tutorial! :)

How to draw an elephant

Next, we can draw this cute cartoon elephant using several long curved lines. Now the ears are much smoother and the legs are large and very impressive. Don't forget to draw small details like the tail, the eyes and the tip of the trunk. I like to use thick outlines for simple images like this one.

How to draw an elephant

You can see below how the animal should look like now that all basic shapes are removed. All lines are also black (the blue color was simply used to make the character easier to read in the previous step). That's cool ... but adding colors is definitely a step we shouldn't skip!

How to draw an elephant

Colors that are used here are pretty basic. A Light grey color is applied inside the body, the head, the legs and the trunk of the elephant. A darker version of this color is also used inside the eyes and on the legs located behind the character. Finally, don't forget to select a light pink color for the ears. 

How to draw an elephant

An elephant picture featuring all the steps needed!

Below you can see all four steps needed to illustrate this cartoon elephant properly. Practice this tutorial as often as needed and don't hesitate to try more postures featuring the same character. You can also create your own elephant using the same tips and techniques found in this tutorial.

How to draw an elephant

If you need more subjects to work with, then you can use these additional lessons from this site. Have fun drawing more amazing elephants and just draw as much as you can. :)

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