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How to draw an elephant icon and other fun wild animals

How To Draw An Elephant Icon

In this series, you will learn to draw an elephant icon as well as a cute rhino and a lovely hippo. Since these cartoon animals are quite similar, once you are comfortable illustrating one of them, drawing all three characters should be easy. Just take your time, study all steps carefully and enjoy a series of simple and cute animals that can be drawn in just minutes. Ready? Let's begin with the most popular character of this group ... the elephant!

Drawing an elephant icon in just four steps

First, we need to create the head using a long curved line. Notice the little space on the bottom near the neck. Then, draw the body using a similar approach. Simply make sure that the body is shorter and smaller. Next, draw large ears using more curved lines.

Inside the head, sketch the face using dots to represent the eyes. Continue working on this character with the addition of the trunk and the mouth. Add the legs and the nails using short curved lines. Complete this lesson with the addition of plain colors (not quite blue, not quite gray ... a mix of both colors).

How To Draw An Elephant Icon

creating a lovely hippo using a similar technique

For this second cartoon animal, you can use the same technique to illustrate the head and the body. Ears are made from small curved lines. Draw the eyes and the nose using large dots. The mouth is created using a line and a patch is added around this one.

Draw the legs and the nails using short curved lines. You can also draw a small tail behind the character. Once you are done, add a saturated purple color inside the cartoon hippo. Make sure the patch around the mouth is darker.

How To Draw An Elephant Icon - Hippo

Time to create a cute cartoon rhino

Now that we have created two of the largest creatures on earth, let's work with another huge animal. Drawing this cartoon rhino is pretty similar to what we have done before. Let's see what is new. First, we need to create a large horn below the eyes of the character. We also need to use a light gray color inside the illustration. The rest of the character is pretty much similar to the elephant and hippo.

How To Draw An Elephant Icon - Rhino

Time to learn how to draw more cartoon animals

If you enjoyed creating a beautiful elephant icon, a nice hippo and a lovely rhino, drawing more similar characters is quite easy. In fact, you can find the whole list from this huge series here. Whether you want to draw cute insects, farm animals, wild animals or sea creatures the choice is yours! Have fun drawing cute animals and don't forget to practice as often as possible. ;)

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