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how to draw an elephant clip art

Learn how to draw a simple elephant clip art and then see how playing with proportions can help you create new versions of the same character! Drawing this enormous cartoon animal can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to creating a balanced and visually appealing version of an elephant. So many possibilities, so many choices ...

How to draw an elephant clip art

For this lesson, let's draw a basic character filled with plain colors and mostly made from long curved lines. However, the first step should be to study this animal carefully to understand exactly what we need to do to succeed! :)

  1. The head of the elephant is round and large.
  2. The body is also large and drawn using perfect curved lines.
  3. Ears are also long and large. Notice the irregular shape of both ears.
  4. A brighter patch can be found inside both ears.
  5. The tail is short and drawn using a simple triangle.
  6. Legs are strong and illustrated with rectangles.
  7. Small nails made from short curved lines are added below the feet.
  8. The tip of the trunk is round and made from two oval shapes.
  9. The top of the trunk is large and a few lines are visible.
  10. Cheeks are made from long curved lines too.
  11. Eyes are represented by large circles and pupils by small dots.
  12. Don't forget to create small eyebrows!

Excellent! Let's begin this tutorial by drawing the simple elephant clip art without adding complex digital effects or shadows. Then, I will show you how to play with proportions to create more cool animals like this one!

step 1 - drawing a few basic shapes

Adding a basic template to set up the character inside the working area is always a good idea. First, you can draw a large circle to form the head. The body is also made from a large circular shape. Both ears are represented by rectangles. Finally, you can also draw four long legs using more rectangles.

How to draw an elephant clip art

step 2 - Drawing the cartoon elephant

It's now time to sketch the animal using mostly long curved lines. Don't forget to draw irregular lines for the ears, large circles for the body and head as well as rectangles made from round corners to illustrate the legs. When you are done, you can erase the orange shapes created earlier.

How to draw an elephant clip art

step 3 - Adding the eyes and the trunk

Inside the head of our simple elephant clip art, draw the eyes and the pupils using small circles and dots. The trunk is made from long curved lines as shown in the illustration below. Finally, you can draw the leg on the back of the character using a small broken line.

How to draw an elephant clip art

step 4 - more details to complete this part of the lesson

Inside the ears, draw long curved lines to form both patches. Above the eyes, draw some eyebrows using small curved lines. More lines are needed on top of the trunk and nails on the feet are made from tiny curved lines.

How to draw an elephant clip art

step 5 - time to add some colors

You can now bring this character to life with the addition of simple colors. The body and the head of the elephant are filled with a solid grey color. Both patches found inside the ears are brighter, just like the nails located on the bottom of all feet. The leg drawn behind the character can be darker and the pupils are black while the eyes can be white.

How to draw an elephant clip art

The result : A nice elephant clip art!

These are all steps required to draw a simple and adorable elephant like this one. Now that we are more comfortable illustrating this cute animal, let's play with proportions to see how modifying a simple aspect of the character can create something completely different!

How to draw an elephant clip art

1. Adding a large head

Do you want to create a cute baby elephant? One simple technique would be to draw a very large head. That's the only thing that was modified in this illustration and yet, the character seems completely different. You don't need to change a lot of things to end up with a new animal!

How to draw an elephant clip art

2. Sketching a smaller head

For this second example, the head is now much smaller than it was compared to the original character from the step-by-step lesson. The elephant does seem bigger and larger now that the head is tiny next to the body. Other body parts (like the legs) would need some adjustments to make this cartoon illustration more believable.

How to draw an elephant clip art

3. A narrow body for a weird version of our character

Not all changes are welcomed. Making the body narrower is certainly not the most appealing modification we could make on this elephant clip art. It's not necessarily a bad alternative, it's just not as convincing as it should be.

How to draw an elephant clip art

4. Larger ears for a unique elephant

For this fourth example, ears are larger than what we have done previously. Fortunately, this single modification works perfectly. This cartoon elephant is still appealing and visually fun to look at. Do you like larger ears? How large can we make them without creating a weird character?

How to draw an elephant clip art

5. Big eyes for a cuter cartoon character

Larger eyes can add more "cuteness" to an illustration. Once again, we could go a little bit further and draw eyes much bigger than the ones found below, but you don't need to go to extremes to make changes that are interesting and worth looking at.

How to draw an elephant clip art

6. Why not draw large legs to carry all this weight?

This animal can be quite heavy. That's why we can expect to see an elephant clip art with large and strong legs. This is the case for this sixth example. Legs are enormous and once matched with a large head and a heavy body like this one, it all makes sense!

How to draw an elephant clip art

7. One last version ... the big trunk!

In this final example, the trunk of the cartoon elephant is larger than anything we have seen so far. Once again, this simple modification does work properly since we don't feel like the whole thing is forced or unnatural. Don't forget that we are drawing cartoon characters here! ;)

How to draw an elephant clip art

I hope you had fun sketching this cute animal and playing with all its various body parts. Don't hesitate to try more versions and change anything from proportions, textures, colors or even the style of the illustration. You can also try more animals from the same series here and learn to draw more similar cartoon animals. Have fun drawing and don't forget to try more elephants below! ;)

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