SendOwl: One of the best ecommerce online business tool available!

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Looking for the best ecommerce online business tool to create a beautiful virtual store? SendOwl might be a very interesting alternative! This shopping cart system is perfect for beginners looking for a flexible tool to create a simple store within minutes while using a simple dashboard that is accessible and extremely easy to understand.

Great variety of plans to get started

SendOwl offers three different options, each featuring a few different plans. You can start with a standard plan which gives you the possibility to sell between 10 and 250 products. For just 9$ per month, you can sell up to 10 products and enjoy 1GB of storage space. Other plans include more features like adding one or three subscriptions to your store, video streaming, upsells and more.

If you are hosting your own products, then you can select the "Self Hosting" option. From there you can sell between 500 and 7500 products for prices ranging from $19 to $79 per month. 

Finally, if you need to create several subscription packages, then the "Subscription" option is definitely for you. For just $49 a month, you can create up to 25 subscriptions or sell 125 products using 2 GB of storage space. All the most important features are included in all subscription plans.

Simple, beautiful and easy to use

The dashboard from SendOwl is definitely the cleanest and easiest one I have ever used. You won't be saturated with useless links or obscure options and every single aspect of creating your shopping cart is easy to understand.

Creating products is simple and quite straightforward and despite the simplicity of the platform, most features needed are available. The level of customization is really acceptable although advanced users might feel slightly limited in some areas.

All the basic features needed to succeed

If you want to create a successful ecommerce online business, then you need to have access to basic and advance features to help you achieve your goal. Fortunately, this great solution is filled with all those wonderful tools.

For instance, you can create your own affiliate program or creating a simple mailing list by plugging an external provider to your account. You can also enjoy the possibility to add discounts and create upsells using simple, but flexible integrated tools.

If you need to handle VAT, then SendOwl can help you do so. The EU VAT management system is relatively easy to use, but remember that these guys cannot submit the report for yourself. You need to do that yourself.

Basic reports as well as a simple analytic tool are also included. Support is great and the help available online is exhaustive and easily accessible.

One big aspect of creating an ecommerce online business is unfortunately not included!

Like most ecommerce online business solution, SendOwl is not 100% perfect. If you are looking beautiful store templates to play with, this is definitely not the place to be. SendOwl is a robust and excellent system to sell products on your site, from social media accounts or through emails. 

If you want to use SendOwl and need a storefront, then you will need to associate your account with Shopify. This seems like a simple way to proceed, but this also means that you need to pay for two different services instead of enjoying all these features from a single provider.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Lots of storage space
  • Subscriptions are possible
  • Create discounts and mailing lists
  • Manage and pay all your affiliates
  • Easy to manage VAT taxes
  • Support is quick and efficient


  • No storefront unless used with Shopify
  • Not as flexible as other solutions

You can visit SendOwl here

A great shopping cart worth giving it a try

No doubt that SendOwl is a great shopping cart worth trying. You can select from up to 12 different plans that are affordable and designed for specific use (selling subscription, products or self hosting solutions). Bandwidth is included for all plans and you will have access to a strong and resourceful community. 

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