Feel like drawing is too difficult nor not for you? Sketching a simple cartoon animal is a painful process?

Let me introduce a simple solution that can help you achieve your goal of becoming better at drawing. It is so simple that even kids can learn using this simple technique ... and do you know what the best part is?

nyone can do it!

That's right! Drawing cute cartoon illustrations should be a relaxing hobby, not a frustrating task. Using practical templates made from basic shapes, this collection includes everything you need to become a better artist. Lessons are so fun that you won't even notice that you are learning while illustrating cute characters!

Using these lessons, you can:

Improve Your Drawing Abilities Quickly & Easily

With just a few minutes of practice every day, you will learn how to draw cute illustrations using easy printable lessons. Simply trace over the templates, follow the guidelines and learn seamlessly all the steps required to draw each image.

Gain Fluidity, Speed & Precision

Once you are familiar with an illustration, you will also gain fluidity, speed and precision. Drawing simple shapes will be easier and building a character from scratch won't be a secret anymore! Everything will be better and quicker!

Draw a Wide Variety of Cute Illustrations

Not only will you be able to draw beautiful animals, but you will also be able to draw characters, vehicles, objects and everything that makes this world fun and special. Some animals and characters are also available in various designs.

Develop Your Own Drawing Style

While drawing characters from this series, you will also gain the ability to draw your own images and develop your own style using all the knowledge acquired. A great opportunity to create original cartoons not found anywhere else!

Enjoy a Stress-Free Experience

Once you know how these lessons work, drawing won't be a pain anymore. It will become a fun, easy and effortless activity just like it should be. It's your first step towards a world loaded with imagination, freedom and creativity!

Perfect for Teachers Too!

The license that comes with these e-books is quite flexible. You can use all lessons for personal and educational purposes. You can also print all the copies you need and share tutorials with your family! Read the complete license here.

Save Money! Only 39 Cents Per E-Book

Why spend several dollars on a single book when you can have it all for just 39 cents per resource? Enjoy tons of beautiful e-books using the most flexible license possible and for a fraction of the cost today!

All the Resources You Need to Succeed!

This package comes with a huge selection of cute cartoon illustrations, themes and designs for hours and hours of fun! All e-books are available in PDF format and can be used on both a PC and a Mac. Remember that every item displayed below is included in this collection.

New! Simple Farm Animals

Learn how to draw a wide variety of cute farm animals featuring birds, cats, dogs, rabbits and adorable cartoon insects. All 34 characters are drawn using basic shapes and curved lines. 
72 pages - 170 exercises

New! Simple Wild Animals

This basic collection includes all your favorite wild animals like a snake, an elephant, a monkey, a giraffe as well as a few cool sea creatures. 44 cute cartoon animals are included in this e-book.
92 pages - 220 exercises

New! Simple Characters

In this series, you will learn how to illustrate 49 fun characters like a chef, a dentist, a princess, a mermaid, a knight, an astronaut and a firefighter. These simple images are easy to duplicate!
102 pages - 245 exercises

New! Simple Sports

Time to train your body using 23 illustrations related to sports. Whether you enjoy basketball, baseball, football, hockey, ballet or skiing, all you need to move can be found here!
50 pages - 115 exercises

New! Simple Food

Are you hungry? Cool! This exclusive collection is filled with 28 delicious cartoon food filled with juicy fruits, vegetables and meat. All you need to create a nice recipe is included in this series!
60 pages - 140 exercises

New! Simple Classroom

It's time to go to school! Learn how to draw 21 simple images related to classrooms like a pencil, a locker, scissors, a calculator or a calendar. Perfect for those who want to learn on a daily basis!
46 pages - 105 exercises

New! Simple Objects

Drawing practical objects has never been easier! Sketch 39 fun illustrations like a chair, a balloon, a phone, a shirt and shoes. All these basic cartoon images are fun and easy to reproduce!
82 pages - 195 exercises

Funny Animals

Learn how to create a total of 48 funny cartoon animals mostly made from basic shape like circles and triangles. Enjoy a wide variety of farm animals, wild animals, insects & sea creatures.
52 pages - 48 exercises

Funny Characters

This huge collection is featuring 67 funny characters also made from basic shapes. Learn how to create people enjoying simple sports, working in various jobs as well as fictional characters.
71 pages - 67 exercises

Cute Animals

Another huge collection featuring a total of 80 cute cartoon animals. Once again, enjoy adorable farm animals, basic wild animals, insects and sea creatures made from simple shapes and lines.
84 pages - 80 exercises

Cute Characters

44 cute characters are available in this exclusive series made from squares. Learn to draw a simple snowman, a courageous viking, a nice mother, a cute grandma and a creative artist.
48 pages - 44 exercises

Adorable Animals

In this e-book, you can learn how to draw 83 adorable cartoon animals mostly made from circular shapes. All characters are drawn using basic shapes and gifted with large pupils and eyes.
87 pages - 83 exercises

Adorable Characters

60 adorable characters can be drawn using simple step-by-step lessons from this popular series. You can learn how to draw a wide variety of monsters, fictional characters and real people.
64 pages - 60 exercises

Adorable Food

Another collection featuring delicious food is now available. Learn to draw 37 fruits, vegetables, meals and candies. Once you are done, feel free to create nice recipes if you feel inspired!
41 pages - 37 exercises

HTDFC Printables Vol. 1

This basic collection contains 59 drawing lessons extracted from this site. Enjoy a wide variety of themes like animals, characters, objects and more. All you need to draw cool images is included!
63 pages - 59 exercises

HTDFC Printables Vol. 2

Are you looking for more challenging exercises? Great! This e-book is loaded with 41 animals that are slightly more difficult to achieved. A good opportunity to test your drawing abilities!
86 pages - 205 exercises

HTDFC Printables Vol. 3

Still not satisfied? Why not try to create all 43 complex characters found in this exclusive collection from the site. It's time to practice your drawing skills and create appealing characters. ;)
90 pages - 215 exercises

How to Draw Funny Cartoon Animals

This simple collection is featuring 50 funny animals mostly made from squares and rectangles. A great opportunity to learn how to draw fun characters using only easy basic shapes.
119 pages - 250 exercises

Complete Drawing Lessons

Are you looking for a wide variety of cool exercises to work with? This is the collection you need! Each adorable animal (50 of them are available) comes with 7 different exercises to complete.
204 pages - 350 exercises

Printable Activities - Animals

Another basic collection filled with 46 cool cartoon animals is now available. Each character can be drawn using 7 easy exercises that are fun, made from basic shapes and easy to complete.
96 pages - 322 exercises

Printable Activities - Characters

This package comes with 38 characters made from simple shapes. Learn to draw cool monsters, people and characters using 7 simple exercises that are easy and accessible to anyone.
80 pages - 266 exercises

Printable Activities - Vehicles

This time, you can learn to draw 25 cool vehicles like cars, a tank, a scooter, a train or a boat. Just like the previous e-books from the same collection, 7 easy exercises are available to help you.
54 pages - 175 exercises

Kids Games & Printable Animals

Complete your journey with the creation of 44 amazing animals featuring 5 simple drawing exercises. You can draw a wide variety of farm animals, wild animals, birds and sea creatures.
92 pages - 220 exercises

More Creative Bonuses For More Creative Fun

Drawing is a fun and rewarding experience, but sometimes a little break is more than welcome. Whether you want to unleash your creativity, play simple printable games or read funny comic strips, all you need to put your brain on pause can be found below:

Bonus! Take a Break

Need a little break from drawing? Great! This e-book is filled with pages and pages of fun featuring games like connect the dots, the seven differences, mystery word or find the right path.
54 pages

Bonus! Fun Maths

Get your hands on a cool e-book filled with basic additions & subtractions perfect for kids. With hundreds of simple problems to solve, this fun resource will keep them busy for hours.
93 pages

Bonus! Drawing Cartoons

Yes, it's time to relax and enjoy a few simple games, articles and tutorials. Drawing Cartoons is a simple e-zine designed to entertain you while you take a small pause from your work.
24 pages - 3 issues

Bonus! Unleash Your Creativity

Enjoy 37 original tips to help you unleash your creativity. Separated in 7 categories (imagine, think, look, ask, listen, experiment and action), this e-book will help you boost your imagination.
77 pages

Bonus! How to Draw An Ant

This e-book is designed for those looking for tips on how to draw an ant using a vector application. Learn how to apply gradients, transparency, complex shadows and reflections.
23 pages

Bonus! The Comic Strip Collection

3 simple series are available in the comic strip collection. Enjoy a new vision on some strips found in the previous e-book and discover new adorable characters (kids, penguins and a bald guy).
29 pages

Bonus! The Secret Collection

Enjoy a nice collection of black and white comic strips filled with cute little kids, creative storytelling and laughs. All you need to take a well-deserved break from drawing and relax!
20 pages

Stress-Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
I am convinced that you will find all the drawing lessons you need to learn to draw quickly and effectively. But if, for any reasons, you are not 100% satisfied with all the content available in this collection, just send me an email within 30 days from the date you purchased these e-books and I will proceed with a full refund (no questions asked). Your satisfaction is my top priority and you have a whole month to play with these tutorials, draw and discover all possibilities!

It's your chance to learn to draw tons of cute cartoon illustrations within minutes right now! Anyone can do it! Learning how to draw has never been so easy. With a total of 23 e-books, 3600+ exercises and 2200+ pages available (as well as 7 cool bonuses), this collection offers everything you need to succeed! With a rock solid 30 day money back guarantee, the risk is on me!

About the Author
My name is Martin and I created this site back in 2008. In the late 80s, I have studied in graphic design and a few years later, in 3D animation. Since then, I have worked as a video game creator, as a drawing teacher, a web designer, an infopreneur and a freelancer. With more than 35 years of drawing experience, I am now proud to offer cute cartoon illustrations that you can use to learn how to draw quickly and easily.