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creating an Earth Drawing using fun effects

Creating An Earth Drawing Using Fun Effects

Learn how to create this superb earth drawing using only a painting software and a few basic tips! Indeed, this is a good tutorial to complete if this is your first experience using a painting software. The shapes are quite easy to draw while texture and shadows are simple.

If you would like to create this illustration using real paint, then feel free to do so! The steps required are similar, but you will need to wash your tools a few times to come up with your final illustration! :)

Step 1

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

First, create a nice circle using a light blue color. It doesn't matter right now if the shape is too perfect. The goal is to have a shape that will be used as a guideline.

Step 2

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Once you are finished, grab the brush tool and select a tone of blue that is slightly darker than the one used previously. Apply this new color on the bottom of the shape. Repeat the same process and use a darker tone of blue each time you add a layer of shadow on your shape.

Step 3

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

By adding a different layer of blue gradually, you should end up with a similar shape as the one shown above. The toughest part is to give a volume to the sphere without adding layers that seems irrelevant or misplaced.

Step 4

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Since the sun might create a reflection of the earth drawing, select a lighter tone of blue and add this new color on top of the shape. To make the transition smoother between all tones of blue, don't hesitate to play transparency.

Indeed, it is sometimes better to add your color using a tool that is partially transparent. Blending all colors together should be easier with a brush tool that is partially hidden.

Step 5

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

The next step would be to create the continents using a simple tone of green. Using a plain color for now will help you create the basic shapes of this new addition.

Step 6

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)
Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Once again, select the brush tool and make sure that the chosen color is slightly darker than the one used previously. The goal is to give a little bit of volume to the continents by adding a darker tone on the edges and a lighter tone inside the shapes.

Step 7

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Great! We are almost done! A good earth drawing must include a few clouds. Let's start with strong shapes made with the airbrush tool.

Step 8

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Once you are done, add a little bit of transparency to your tool and continue adding clouds all over the earth. You might think that the earth is a little bit too covered with clouds and you are 100% right!

Step 9

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Creating soft and transparent shapes can also be done with the eraser. Select the eraser and make sure that the opacity is set to a value between 10% and 20%.

Erase a few portions of the clouds, but feel free to keep the strongest shadows visible otherwise the whole process could be useless. If you wish, you can also play with the opacity of the cloud's layer to create clouds that are slightly transparent.

Step 10

Earth Drawing (Cartoon Painting)

Finally, create a subtle effect around the earth drawing to illustrate the atmosphere of our planet. The easiest way to achieve this effect is to create a new layer below the other ones (but over the black background) and use a large brush (almost as large as the earth itself).

Great job! The result is something more realistic than a simple cartoon earth, but not as realistic as the real thing. It could be perfect for a novel or a book about planets!

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