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How to draw a drum clipart that rocks

How to draw a drum clipart

Learning how to draw a drum clipart is relatively easy if you can draw a few basic shapes like circles, squares and rectangles. In this lesson, I will show you how to illustrate this fun musical instrument in just six easy steps. You will learn how to draw all parts quickly and add colors to make this illustration visually appealing.

Drums are definitely fun to play with. Unlike guitars that require dexterity and precision, all you need to do is hit the various part using two sticks. Of course, it takes rhythms and skills to become an excellent drummer, but this instrument is definitely a little bit more accessible if you want to have fun quickly. Let's see how we can draw this kit by proceeding with the first step now ...

Drawing the drum set using basic shapes

First, let's draw the drum set using basic shapes. Start with the base drum using two large oval shapes. On the left, you can draw the ride cymbal using oval shapes. The floor tom is created from rectangles. On the right, you can add the crash cymbal, the snare drum and a tom-tom. Good work! All major elements of this basic drum set are now added to this illustration.

How to draw a drum clipart

adding a few basic details

In this step, you can draw a few basic details to make these parts of the drum set more realistic. These simple new shapes are added on all elements found in this kit. A small oval shape is added below each cymbal while all drums are gifted with small rectangular shapes. Since our goal is to draw a simple cartoon version of a drum sets, no additional details are required.

How to draw a drum clipart

time to add colors on all parts of the drum set

In order to make this drum set easier to read, I have selected a saturated blue color for all drums and a bright yellow color for both cymbals. All stands are colored in gray. Don't hesitate to mix a bright and dark colors inside all parts to create contrast and make the drawing more appealing.

How to draw a drum clipart

gradient colors to create more depth

If you are using a vector application, then using gradient colors is a good technique to create more depth and volume easily. If you are working with a piece of paper and markers, then adding such an effect can require more work.

Basically, all you need to do is add a second version of the same color (only darker) inside all shapes. The darker color can be applied on the bottom of the shape while the brighter color is added on top.

How to draw a drum clipart

a few basic shadows to create even more volume

Finally, you can add a few simple shapes to create more volume as shown in the illustration below. All these new shapes must be dark and partially transparent. Only the large circle found inside the base drum is colored in white to create reflection.

How to draw a drum clipart

good work drawing a simple drum clipart

Below you can see the final illustration once all shapes, colors and digital effects are added. It's not a complex cartoon image to create, but it does require some observation.

How to draw a drum clipart

Below you can see all six steps needed to draw this drum clipart. Don't hesitate to add more pieces and parts to this cartoon picture so that you can end up with a larger set.

How to draw a drum clipart

Now that we are done with this lesson, you are invited to try more fun tutorials based on the same theme below. Most of these illustrations are slightly complex to illustrate, but you will definitely improve your abilities by working with all these amazing objects. :)

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