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how to create cool drawings of wild animals

Creating Cool Drawings Of Wild Animals

Creating cool drawings of wild animals is an easy task using these fun lessons featuring a bear, a bull, a gorilla and a monkey. I will show you how to draw these four cute animals using a similar template that is easy to create in just a few minutes. Once you are familiar with this technique, drawing more cute cartoon characters will be fun and easy.

A cute cartoon bear to begin with

Let's start with the bear. First, draw two large squares to form the head and the body. Both of these shapes will be used on future characters too. Next, draw the ears using short curved lines. Then, work inside the head by adding two small dots to illustrate the eyes.

The nose is made from a circle and the mouth with a small curved line. A large patch is drawn around the mouth. Complete this lesson by sketching the legs, the tail as well as a circular patch on the chest.

Creating Cool Drawings Of Wild Animals

Moving on with a nice cartoon gorilla

You can start this lesson by drawing the same squares (used for the bear) to form the head and the body. Then, add two ears and some hair on top of the head. Next, sketch two dots to represent the eyes and two more oval shapes to create the nose.

Patches are drawn around the eyes as well as near the neck. A few lines can be drawn on the chest and all four legs are made from a mix of straight and curved lines.

Creating Cool Drawings Of Wild Animals

a perfect bull that looks proud and cute

Once again, you can start this lesson with the creation of the head and the body. Horns are made from long curved lines. Ears are also made from curved lines, but smaller ones. Some hair can be added on top of the head.

Work inside the head by drawing the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the patch around the jaw. Complete this tutorial with the addition of all four legs and hooves. A short tail can also be drawn if you want to. Don't forget to add some colors!

Creating Cool Drawings Of Wild Animals

let's complete these lessons with an adorable monkey

The monkey found below is quite similar to the gorilla, but with a few subtle differences. First, no hair is visible on top of the head of the monkey. Also, no lines are drawn on the chest. The oval shapes created for the nose are smaller, just like the back legs. Of course, colors are also very different.

Creating Cool Drawings Of Wild Animals

Hope you had fun creating drawings of wild animals

I hope you had fun working with all these drawings of wild animals. Like I said earlier, these tips can be used to create more animals using the same template and technique. You can find more animals from this series here. Have fun drawing and don't forget to practice as often as possible. :)

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