Drawing Animals (Tutorials)

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In this section of the site, I will show you how drawing animals can be a fun and interesting experience. Using simple designs made from simple shapes and plain colors, you will have the opportunity to draw all popular animals in just minutes.

Characters are made with simplicity in mind. Each step is carefully commented to make sure that you understand exactly how the illustration must be created. No complex effects, no difficult shapes to illustrate. Only basic elements that can be drawn by anyone.

Drawing animals

Once you are finished with a character, don't hesitate to draw more from the same series. These illustrations are different one from another and they are offering various challenges that can help you improve your abilities significantly.

All animals can be done within six easy steps. Details are limited and you don't need to create complex textures or work with shadows and lighting. These characters are simple enough to be duplicated by young children!

Here are a few questions you might have regarding these tutorials:

Do I need a vector software to create these images?

No. Although I use one to create these tutorials, all you need is a good pencil and a piece of paper. I prefer to create these images with a vector application to make sure that images are simple and easier to read.

Some shapes have round corners. Is it relevant to do the same?

No. Once again, I use round corners because it is visually more interesting. If you prefer to draw a square instead of a shape with round corners, feel free to do so. However, simple images often are more interesting when small details like round corners are added.

Outlines have an irregular width. Why?

It's always a good idea to play with the width of the outlines to create something visually more interesting. If you are using a pencil, this effect can be created easily by adding depth to your outlines.

You don't need to do this, but it's a good practice if you want to end up with good looking images. That's it! Have fun with these tutorials! :)

Here are the tutorials available in this section:

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