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Drawing A Turtle using simple thick lines

Drawing A Turtle

Let me show you how drawing a turtle can be easy and fun using this drawing tutorial. Created from a simple and original design, all you need to do is draw a few basic shapes to end up with the polished illustration.

This lesson is so easy that even young kids can draw a simple turtle like this one. The character above is the result you will end up with when you are done with the drawing lesson. Ready? Let's start this tutorial now! :)

Step 1

Drawing A Turtle

First, draw the head of the turtle using a square with round corners. Notice how the outline is narrower on top and thicker on the bottom of the head. You can color this shape with a light green color.

Step 2

Drawing A Turtle

Next, you can draw the eyes using long oval shapes. I prefer oval shapes over circular ones. Somehow the character looks happier and more interesting to look at. Don't forget to draw a smile using a long curved line.

Step 3

Drawing A Turtle

The shell is also drawn using a rectangle with round corners. However, this one must be filled with a darker green color.

Step 4

Drawing A Turtle

You can draw both front legs using small rectangles. Once again, the outline is narrower on the bottom of each shape. Use the same color as the one used for the head earlier.

Step 5

Drawing A Turtle

Continue working on your turtle by adding the legs on the back of the illustration and by drawing a small tail. The selected color (green again) must be lighter than the shell, but darker than the head.

Step 6

Drawing A Turtle

Time to draw some patterns on the shell using small circles. Use the same color as the tail to fill these new shapes. Nice work! It's already finished! As you can see, completing this drawing tutorial was easy and really fun!

Step 7

Drawing A Turtle

Here is an illustration featuring all six steps. Sometimes it is easier to see all steps on the same illustration. I hope you had fun drawing a turtle and don't hesitate to try more cartoon animals from the same series below. Have fun! :)

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