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Drawing A Pig made from lovely shapes

Drawing A Pig

Drawing a pig is fun and easy using this tutorial! The design is simple and especially created to be duplicated by anyone, even children. This animal is filled with simple elements easy to recognize like a curly tail, a circular body and a fun nose.

As you can see on the illustration above, only basic shapes were used to illustrate this cartoon animal. You won't find complex shapes, patterns or textures. Only a couple of shapes and plain colors. Let's start this drawing lesson now! :)

Step 1

Drawing A Pig

Yes, we start with the creation of the head. This one is made from a square with round corners. Also, notice how the outline is thinner on top of the shape. You don't need to duplicate this effect if you don't want to, but it does add something interesting to the illustration.

Step 2

Drawing A Pig

Next, you can draw two small little ears on each side of the head. You can use triangles as a template to create those shapes.

Step 3

Drawing A Pig

The body is made from a huge circular shape. Once again, notice the irregularity of the outline's width. It's not mandatory, but you can add this special effect if you are able to.

Step 4

Drawing A Pig

Draw the facial features using simple colorful shapes. Eyes are made from long oval shapes filled with a dark pink color. The nose is round and darker than the skin. The mouth is simply made of a long curved line.

Step 5

Drawing A Pig

Legs are drawn using small rectangles. Outlines are different in width and the legs on the back of the character are colored with a darker tone of pink.

Step 6

Drawing A Pig

Next, you can draw the curly tail using a simple curved line. Make sure that this one is getting smaller at the end of the shape. You can use the same color as the outline to color this part of the body.

Step 7

Drawing A Pig

Great! Drawing a pig is not so difficult using this step-by-step drawing lesson. Above you can find a resume of all six steps needed to create this amazing cartoon character. I hope you had fun with this drawing lesson and don't hesitate to try more animals from the same series below. :)

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