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Drawing A Lion with a large mane

Drawing A Lion

Drawing a lion is now an easy exercise using this simple tutorial that anyone can achieve! Using simple shapes and plain colors, I will help you create the perfect king of the jungle in just a few minutes.

As you can see above, the final result might seem complicated to illustrate. However, once you are working on each step carefully, you will notice that duplicating these steps is not as tough as it seems. Want to give it a try? Cool! Let's start now! :) 

Step 1

Drawing A Lion

First, draw the head using a simple square with round corners. The shape can be filled with a yellow (with a touch of orange) color. The outline can be colored in brown.

Step 2

Drawing A Lion

Next, draw the body using a shape similar to a triangle. The back must be drawn with a curved line while the front can be done with a simple straight line.

Step 3

Drawing A Lion

The face can be filled with details like the nose, the mouth, the eyes and the whiskers. All outlines can be colored in brown. Only the eyes are filled with a black color.

Step 4

Drawing A Lion

Time to add more elements to the illustration. First, draw the ears using two triangles. The front feet can be made from oval shapes. Notice that the one on the back is colored with a darker version of yellow and brown.

Step 5

Drawing A Lion

Great! The addition of a mane is crucial if we want this character to look like a lion. This mane can be made from various pointed lines and must be applied around the head. The ears must be partially hidden by the mane. You can also draw the back leg using a long curved line.

Step 6

Drawing A Lion

Finally, you can draw the tail using a small rectangle and a triangle. Bright patches can be added on the stomach of the lion and around the mouth. You can use thin outlines for both shapes.

Step 7

Drawing A Lion

Nice job! As you can see on all steps above, this character is quite simple to duplicate if you are following all steps carefully. Drawing a lion is not a secret for you anymore! Hope you had fun and don't hesitate to try more animals from the same series! :)

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