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how to draw the devil using a few cool examples

How To Draw The Devil Using A Few Cool Examples

Learning to draw the devil is not necessarily a scary experience. Sure, this iconic character is usually associated with terror, violence or horror, but we can make it cuter if we want to. In this collection of tutorials, you will have the opportunity to work on simple versions made from basic shapes and plain colors as well as more advanced illustrations featuring complex effects.

Devils are a singular personification of evil quite present in modern culture. You can see this scary character mostly in books and movies. The devil is also very present in video games, pop culture and even music. Depending in which part of the globe you live in, you might know the devil (not personally) under names like Lucifer, Satan or Beelzebub. Let's see how we can draw this dark creature using happy and fun shapes in just a few easy steps ...

Drawing a simple version using mostly round shapes

We can start to learn how to draw a devil using this lovely character made from perfect circles and lines. You can start by drawing a large head made from an oval shape. This one should be slightly narrower on top. The body is done using a rectangle. Tiny feet are created using curved lines.

Eyes are made from large circles. One hand is drawn near the body while the other one will hold the weapon. Both ears are made from irregular shapes and the pupils are also large and circular. Sketch a tiny tail made from thin lines. Complete this character by adding the facial features as well as adding plain colors (mostly red) inside your image.

How To Draw The Devil

another simple version made from curved lines

This second cartoon devil is created using irregular shapes (compared to the perfect circles from the previous character). The head looks like a giant football. The body is thinner near the top and both feet are large and flat on the bottom. This character is also holding a weapon (this time it's a trident) and no fingers are visible.

A long tail made from shaky lines can be seen behind the monster. Eyes are created from triangles, just like the horns. A long pointed beard is added below the mouth. Instead of plain colors, this subject is filled with gradients. The character is red and both eyes are yellow.

How To Draw The Devil

Another simple devil, but filled with complex effects

This third version of a devil cartoon was created using a vector application too. For those looking for a more complex lesson to work with, then this is the one you've been waiting for! Indeed, this lesson is mostly focusing on the additions of special effects inside Satan.

In the first step, you can see all lines and shapes required to sketch the character. Then, you can add gradients (step number three) to increase the depth of the image. In the fifth step, shadows are added around the eyes, on the horns, near the body and on the feet. The seventh step shows you how to add more shadows inside the head, on the arms and below the feet.

How To Draw The Devil

Let's draw the devil using darker effects

Contrast is king if you want to draw a realistic devil drawing. This lesson is a nice example on how you can proceed to achieve your goal. First, draw the devil using basic shapes. Then, add gradients to create a little bit of volume. In the fifth step, you can see how adding shadows to the subject can help create more depth quickly and easily.

Unlike all devils available on this page, this one is going one step further. In step number seven, highlights and reflections are added to the character using new white shapes. These shapes must be partially transparent to complete the desired effect.

How To Draw The Devil

Hopefully these lessons on how to draw the devil weren't too frightening. Creating a realistic creature like this one can be slightly challenging if you want to increase the level of realism. It's now time to create your own little devils using all the tips and techniques you have learned on this page. More lessons are also available here. Enjoy! :)

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