Dinosaur And The Taxi

Using the comic strip template available on this page, submit your funny text and create a strip of your own! Like you can see on the image below, this comic strip involves a taxi coming face-to-face with a dinosaur! How is it possible? What are the characters thinking?

Just use your imagination and create a sentence that is either funny, emotional or even philosophical! What does this situation inspires you?

What do you think one of the characters might say to the other? 

Dinosaur and the taxi

This comic strip is now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your submissions!

These are the ideas that others have submitted in this section:

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Taxi and dinosaur - Part 4 
the taxi and dinousaur were both married and have been together for quite some time when one day the dinousaur got hungry ate his wife the killed himself …

Taxi and dinosaur - Part 3 
Cab : Calling Base Station.......Not Jurassic Park again...I keep on missing my to be passenger...Oh dear...

Taxi and dinosaur - Part 2 
Hey watch it taxi! i just saw a perfectly good squirrel to chase!!

Taxi and dinosaur - Part 1 
"oh my god. i didnt think these things existed.wow i wonder what its called.if i poke it will it die?"Said the dinosaur

Taxi and dinosaur - Part 6 Not rated yet
Sorry buddy but Jurassic Park is not on my route.

Taxi and dinosaur - Part 5 Not rated yet
Driver to himself: Odd tree. Odd tree. Pull yourself together, Fred.

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