Draw It Forward: Strange Character

For this first challenge of the "Draw it forward" game, I am submitting a template with a light shape of what seems to be the head and shoulders of a character. 

Just copy this image and use it to create another drawing. Once you are finished, submit your illustration using the simple form below.

Don't forget that the game also allows you to copy the image of another player (available under the submission form below) and create a new design with it. 

When you are done, just post this new image using the same form below.

The template to copy for this game is available below:

Draw it forward game 1


  • You agree, when submitting your image to this game, that someone else might copy this image and use it as a template for a new design (but since it's the goal of the game, I presume you do agree ;)!).
  • If you copied the image of someone else, please mention it in the title (ex: New image based on the drawing of...).
  • You can use any software (including paint) to create your image. Please don't crop your image or change the resolution, otherwise it might be rejected.
  • Create your drawing inside the painting area define by the black line.
  • To avoid lost of image quality (since others might use your image), AVOID the .JPG format. You can use the .GIF format for a lighter and cleaner image.
  • You can post as many images as you wish! Just draw and have fun!

Have fun and don't forget to "Draw it forward!"

These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the drawings that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors. Don't forget that you can copy any images below and create a new drawing out of them!

Image drawn and color in autodesk sketchbook pro. Saved as GIF in adobe photoshop CS6.

hi i'm wearing my purple shirt! 
PURPLE SHIRT! Look at my purple shirt! It makes me happy!

monster dudee 
this drawing is a monster.

Stuck in a bucket 
Once upon a time, Jimmy was washing the floor. When his younger sister Kimmy came home from school, she decided to play a prank on him. She screamed a …

Please don't go into work today 
Lying in bed and not wanting to get out.

Bored In Class 
This is a green monster.

It's a One-Eyed-One-Horned-Flying-Purple-People-Eater. What more can I say?? :) Hope you enjoyed.

Wierd Alien Man!!! 
He's a mean, green monster from outer space!!!! In otherwords Suddenly Seemore is standing beside you!!!!! LOL to all the older folks like me! Kidding …

latest mask man 2 
it is same drawing as shown there he wear a brown mask and light blue shirt

the end of the fencing training

I got bored so I drew a random guy, sorry it is not very good I have never used painting software before

we the 6 girls 
I drew this over a year ago, its about 6 girls in a band peforming songs around the states. I also had episodes about after the show or threw the show. …

sk8r boi 
i just drew in image of that song

Mr. Bucket 
Mr Bucket from the planet "mop".

Old Snake 
Out of Metal Gear 4 Guns of Patriots

dont let him see you!!!

Mr, Mysterious 
He is looking for somewhere to hide!

XI74836 aka "Buckethead" is a robot from Planet Ciriea 7, this is a drawing of him on his holiday in Planet White

Jepika the fashionable she-android 
so jepika is an alien android from the planet sephthika...it doesn't really matter. after all, she can still strut her stuff on 30 inch platforms. …

Medusa with Acne 
Medusa is a hippie and big Spongebob fan

Ninja Turtle 
I am a Ninja Turtle. Fear me haha!

bil nye the box guy 
i am a box

The grand son of Frankinstein

HillBilly & A Pig! 
Bob is a hilbilly in the sun by his pig!!

*+*Ugly Double Dutch Person*+* 
Green person wearing an I Love Double Dutch tee shirt.

Your Worst Nightmare 

Walter is afraid of spiders.

hes a zombie

Far From The City 

Turtle neck monster with pink eye 
Monster that loooooves cookies!!!!!!!

strict mom 
instinctive - a strict mom who means business. no funny cartoon business here!

here is a robot very simple

Prettiness monster 
well i wuz bored so i decided to draw uhhhhh.... Ah! well she feels pretty

Archie's 1st Birthday 
As you can see it's was Archies Birthday recently. It was Archie that found this site you see for his Birthday we made him a his own very special PC and …

Frankenstien in a scary situation 
Just a quickie... enjoy!

Maniac Monster 
Watch out! A Maniac Monster is on the loose and he's hungry for... Pizza! Don't worry, this monster is harmless and loves junk food. He weighs 157kg he …

Robby the Robot 
Draw it Forward is out of this World.

i hope u like it ;;):P:D

new one 
i hope you like it

Strange Alien 
This is my first drawing and i am the crappiest drawer in the world sorry **. Took me 1 minute

Its not a masterpiece, but thats not the point of the game! :) I wonder whos more scared, the spider, or the guy with the square head? Done on MS paint... …

An example for the character template! 
Hi! I submitted this illustration based on the template to give you an example of what your drawing could look like. Remember that you don't need …

Grey Haired Man Portrait 
This is the first time I am visiting this website & I liked this game tremendously :-)

Pop-art draw it forward 
My drawing has been made by using a simple template and styled to look like a piece of pop-art

An Elephant?!?!?! 
An Elephant?!?!?!

Mr.Smelly Monster 
Hi,I'm Mr.Smelly Monster and I like flies.

Land of the Rising Two Suns. 
the circles are the suns, the dark green area is the hill and the darker blue is the sky but then the lighter blue and green are the enlarged image of …

Hubert Not rated yet
"I really need a job!"

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