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how to draw dogs made from squares and circles

How To Draw Dogs Made From Squares And Circles

Learning to draw dogs is definitely a fun activity to try. These cute animals come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Domestic dogs were probably already part of our lives more than 10 000 years ago. We can use them as pets, for their sensory capabilities and for hunting. No doubt that these fun creatures are men's best friend!

In this page, you will find a collection of all the most popular lessons from this site. Some are made from basic shapes like rectangles or circles. Others are displayed in cool postures with both arms wide opened. Finally, the last two cartoon dogs are filled with shadows or textures for advanced artists who prefer to work with something slightly more challenging. Ready? Let's start drawing a few cool animals now!

A gray dog made from basic rectangles

The first version is featuring a simple gray dog made from rectangles and perfect circles. You can definitely learn quickly and easily how to draw a dog like the one found below. Notice how both eyes are cropped by the sides of the main shape. Hands and feet are created using basic short lines.

Don't forget to use a bright blue color for the pupils! Of course, you can also try to create a simple dog inside a circle, a triangle or any other irregular shape you can think of. That's visually appealing!

How To Draw Dogs

How to use perfect curved lines to draw this version

This other simple dog is created using perfect curved lines with pointed ends. Both eyes are done using small dots. Notice the shape of the nose (triangular) and the mouth (a simple line). I also like how both ears are long and thin. If you sketch small feet and legs, this character should look even more adorable and appealing.

Inside the subject, you can add a simple brown color. The nose and the tail on the back can be darker. In this case, I also modified the color of all outlines. Instead of keeping all strokes black, they are now filled with a dark brown color.

How To Draw Dogs

Fun character made from tiny short lines

This next example is also very intriguing. In the first step, you can see that basic shapes are used to create a template. Then, the dog clipart is made using tons of short straight lines. Both eyes are done using dots and a large patch is created around the eye located on the right. The nose and tongue are just perfect!

Unlike previous tutorials, this one is filled with basic shadows (mostly on the left side of the character). A simple pattern (or texture) made of tiny lines is created inside the body. Just like the previous puppy, all strokes are filled with a light brown color. Areas inside the ears can be brighter while the nose and the patch around the eye are darker.

How To Draw Dogs

one of the cutest alternative found on this site

No doubt that the version found below has been the most popular version found on this site so far. The head is made from a perfect circular (but slightly irregular) shape. Eyes are large, just like the pupils. The nose and the mouth are also matching the rest of the character.

One interesting variation is the fact that the little dog is now created without any strokes or outlines (in the final step). The result is much simpler and almost childish. In order to create a nice character that doesn't have outlines, you need to make sure that all shapes and elements are filled with contrasting colors. Learning to draw dogs is quite easy with this little creature!

How To Draw Dogs

Standing with both arms wide open

This might not be a typical posture for a dog, but it does work well for this cute cartoon character. The shape of the head is similar to the previous animal, but this time the body looks more mature and definitely more flexible. I also like how both ears are thick and visually interesting.

Once again, we have a simple animal that doesn't have strokes or outlines in the final step. It's important to use different shades of brown to make sure the character is easy to read. These hands are fun to illustrate because they are visually appealing and don't require the addition of fingers.

How To Draw Dogs

One funny dog with a large smile

I like the fact that the body and the head of this cute dog icon are grouped together using a single shape. It's definitely and interesting concept that can be used to illustrate plenty of other animals. The smile is irresistible and the addition of eyebrows is just perfect. Short arms and legs are also increasing the level of cuteness found in this picture.

If you look closely at this character, the head is almost covering the whole body. It's kind of weird when you think about it, but it works beautifully. Don't forget to draw small lines inside the feet and hands. These short elements are crucial to create an adorable cartoon dog.

How To Draw Dogs

building the template using rectangles

Another cute version that is also one of the oldest character from this site. The basic template used to form the posture of the animal is mostly made from perfect rectangles. Eyes and pupils are created using circles while the body is done with curved lines.

Ears are more dynamic since they don't have the same orientation like most characters from this page. The head is also slightly more complex since it's not made from a single perfect shape (like a circle or a rectangle). Nice job learning how to draw dogs!

How To Draw Dogs

using a side view instead of the front one

Something different now since this time the dog clip art is displayed from a side view. Once again, the template is created using several rectangles. Short curved lines are then added to create the silhouette of the subject. This cute animal is featuring a large tongue and small eyes.

Another fun thing about this version is the addition of hair on top of the head and near the cheeks. More hairs are also added on the bottom of the tail. Very nice! I hope you are having fun learning how to draw dogs like the ones found here!

How To Draw Dogs

adding shadows and reflections

Another cute image featuring a dog from a side view. This lesson is slightly more complex since shadows and highlights were added to the final illustration. These additions are great to create more depth and volume. Instead of dealing with a simple 2D image, this one feels more like a 3D version.

Most parts of the body are either filled with dark or bright colors while other areas are surrounded by simple shadows. Only two legs are visible since the character is displayed from a side view. All steps to create this creature correctly can be found here. 

How To Draw Dogs

How to draw dogs using cool digital effects

This character combines all the fun elements from the previous tutorials. The silhouette of the character is basic and yet this one feels more refined. It's drawn using long curved lines and colors are basic. Simple shadows, reflections and textures are added to improve the level of quality of the image. It's also the first animal to be gifted with tiny pupils and large eyes. Learn more about this cartoon dog here. 

How To Draw Dogs

I hope you had fun learning how to draw dogs using all these amusing and fun drawing lessons. Don't hesitate to practice as often as possible and feel free to create your own versions using all the tips and techniques you have learned here. Enjoy!

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