Draw Comic Characters With Attitude

It's important to learn how to draw comic characters that will be interesting for your readers. After all, they are the foundation of your comic strip! 

If you create a character that is boring, without any goals or even too original, then chances are that your readers won't be as addicted to your work as you would like them to be!

Let's see how to draw comic characters that are special and unique!

1. What do you want to express
through your character?

It's important to be able to identify which kind of character you wish to create. Do you want to build a funny character? One more serious, more dramatic? What should your character represent? A man who is successful? A woman who is strong? 

Once you are able to put your finger on the message you wish to share with your character, it will be easier for you to create it with the right attributes and qualities.

2. What is your character's personality?
Where does he come from?

In order to draw comic characters that will be believable in the eyes of your readers, you need to understand where they are coming from and where they're headed. 

In other words, the actions that your characters will perform in the present will have to be coherent with their past. If they did spent all their life in prison, chances are that they might not win a Nobel prize in their next adventure (that could be the case, but most likely not). 

So before drawing a single line, try to create a biography of your main character. What does he like? What are his qualities? Where did he study? Where did he lived?

Once you are able to answer all possible questions about him, move on to step number three!

3. What about his social life?

Another aspect of your character that you should not neglect is his social life. How does your character interact with the others? Is he mean with everyone? Or is he kind, loving and generous?

Draw comic characters

Try to build the social network of your character from his early days up until today. This is crucial information that will also help you design your character!

4. What does your character look like?

Based on what you just wrote down in the first three steps, try to determine the look of your character. He is tall or short? Fat or thin? Is your character a male or a female (or an animal?). Did he went to war when he was young? If so, does he have a scar?

The more you know about your character, the easier it will be for you to design him accurately. Don't hesitate to search through his social life, his past and your motivation to create him in order to build his appearance!

5. What's your character's name?

Sometimes, this is something you already know from the start. Sometimes you don't. Just like all the previous steps, try to be logical. If your character is from China and you name him Steve, that might not be 100% relevant (doesn't mean that it's impossible, but it's just a little incoherent with his origins). 

Try to find a catchy name for him. Something easy to remember and to write.

And if possible, try to be original. If you already know a cartoon character that has a similar name to the one you wish to give to your creation, just move on and choose another one.

You don't want to be perceived as a cheater or someone who's only copying what's already been done.

6. What if all those steps aren't enough?

Then just look around you! Try to find inspiration by looking at your neighbors, your friends or your family. Don't hesitate to play with opposite characters (one who's always sad and a happy one, etc...). 

What makes your brother so unique, so special? Why is your best friend... your best friend? Try to seek the qualities of each individual that evolve around you and start building your character using these information!

So there it is! I hope that these simple steps will help you learn how to draw comic characters that will make your comic strip a great success!

Have fun!

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