How to draw funny cartoons
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How to draw funny cartoons
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Talk About How You Draw Cartoons

In this category, tell us how you feel when you draw cartoons. What techniques do you use? Where do you draw? How do you create characters?

Do you have special tips that can be interesting for others to know? Do you know a cool book that might be useful for a beginner to read? Go ahead! Tell us how you feel!

It's your chance to give your comments!

Just fill out the form below and read the following recommendations to make sure that your opinion will be approved:

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  • Review your comments to avoid typos.  
  • Just make sure that you provide something that will be of interest to others. 
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These submissions are now available for reading purposes only. Thanks for all your great work!

These are the comments that others have submitted in this section:

Click below to see contributions from other visitors:

comic strips 
how to do a comic strip is to first think of something funny.Then you do a draft of what you are going to draw.And make sure to add a charecter along …

how i draw is kinda the old fashion way.what i mean is that i don't use any tecno no soft ware,no computer. all i use is my netbook to listen …

Cartoon Animal Types 
When I draw cartoon animals, I think of their personality. For example, I give cute animals big innocent eyes, like puppies, but animals that agrivate …

the best way to get the right idea for a character is to think of the scene. then think about what will happen.what weapons are going to be involved and …

cartoons are very fun to draw 
when you draw a cartoon it can turn out cute, funny, ugly or sad. to make different expressions with your cartoon you should change the eyes or facial …

Using a graphic tablet! 
Here is my simple recipe for drawing a cartoon character! First, I use my graphic tablet and manga studio to do a simple basic sketch of what I have …

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