How to Draw Animals

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In this section, I will show you how to draw animals. If you are not familiar with this site or if you are a beginner, then this is the best place to start your drawing journey! These tutorials are made from simple basic characters and are easy to achieved. 

Below are a few examples of simple drawing lessons that can be done by virtually anyone. As you can see, animals are made with simple designs and are extremely easy to duplicate. 

Once you are comfortable with these drawing lessons, feel free to go near the bottom of the page for the complete list of available cartoon characters.

Here are all drawing lessons featured in this series:

Here are a few things you should know

Now that you had a chance to try a few cartoon animals, here are a few answers to questions you might have. For the complete list of characters available in this collection, please go to the bottom of the page.

Why are these tutorials perfect for beginners?

These cartoon animals are created with basic shapes like squares and rectangles (and a few circles too!). Unlike other characters created on this site, results might not look very realistic, but completing one of these tutorials should be very easy.

As long as you can draw a square or a triangle, you should have no problem duplicating the illustrations. Most animals can be drawn within 6 easy steps and you can always add color to the final result if you want to.

Why (almost) no circles are used?

Circles are usually slightly more difficult to draw for a child or for someone with little drawing abilities. A perfect square or triangle can also be challenging, but they are usually easier to achieved. 

Chances are that you will have more success drawing any kind of animal using these two basic shapes rather than using circles or curved lines.

Some animals are not represented! Why?

Many animals are quite similar. For example, if you can draw a zebra, then chances are that you will be able to create a nice horse too. My goal is to offer a wide selection of cartoon characters, but it is possible that the one you like the most is not available. Learning how to draw your own animal is also part of your learning experience. :)

Can I select a tutorial and use my own drawing technique?

Of course you can. These drawing lessons are only guidelines. If you feel more comfortable sketching the head first, then start with this part of the body. If you prefer to draw a larger body, just do it! Don't feel limited by these tutorials. Adding you own personality is also a big part of the learning process.

Drawing is all about practicing. Adding your own techniques can only help you develop your own style. Since these illustrations are quite simple and basic, it's time to come up with something creative and unusual.

Howver, if you are not secure or just want to learn how to draw simple cartoon animals, then don't hesitate to follow these lessons carefully. You can draw animals that are different and more original later on.

Should I start with one particular animal?

You can try simple animals like chickens, fish or seals. Four legged animals like cows donkeys or sheep are usually harder to achieved. This is also true for very talented artists! Whatever choice you make, just draw the cartoon character as often as needed. Remember that drawing is all about practicing.

Can I use a vector software to create my animal?

Sure! You can draw animals using a pencil or a vector software if you want. However, I strongly recommend using a pencil at first. Why? Because you might create nice illustration using a vector application, but it won't make you a better drawer. 

Using a vector software can be compared to making a building using blocks. Anyone can use blocks to create a structure, but it doesn't mean that you'll be able to build another one from scratch if you don't have access to blocks! Drawing with a pencil is the best thing you can do to improve your skills efficiently and naturally.

Once I am comfortable with these tutorials, what should I do?

You can select another link in the "Easy Step-By-Step" section of the site on your left. You will have access to many themes like characters, animals, body parts, objects, places, sports food and many more.

These drawing lessons will be slightly more difficult than the ones available here, but you should be able to come up with something really interesting if you practice.

It could be a good idea to keep both "Advance Lessons" and "Vector Tutorials" for later (although the vector section does have a few basic tutorials for those who wants to start with this technique).

Do you have printable versions of these drawing lessons?

Unfortunately, I don't. However, you will find a whole lot of new characters and themes here. Many e-books are available and you will have access to hundreds of exclusive printable lessons.

One big advantage is that by using the templates to draw cartoon characters, you will speed up the learning process. You also have access to many different techniques to create the characters, making it easier to choose the one that fits your need.

It's up to you to decide if spending a small fee to get your hands on easy printable lessons can be a good investment and help you learn to draw animals more quickly and efficiently.

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