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How to Draw A Vampire with a fun smile

How to Draw A Vampire

Are you brave enough to learn how to draw a vampire and spend a few minutes with the most feared creature on earth? Vampires are more popular than ever. Over are the days when these creatures were wearing black suits and red capes. Today, vampires are often teens dressed like you and me that are able to fly and have supernatural strength. Still, this lesson is based on the good old version so just grab a pencil and a piece of paper and let's draw!

Step 1

You can proceed with the creation of the head of this cartoon vampire. The shape must be similar to the one of an egg, only wider. The body is made from a long and thin rectangle. Another small rectangle is used to represent the legs. Feet are made from small circular shapes. 

How to Draw A Vampire

Step 2

Ears are made using small circles. The arms are illustrated with long rectangles placed on each side of the body. The hands are made from small circles. No need to draw fingers! :)

How to Draw A Vampire

Step 3

The hair is done using three long curved lines. Make sure the hair is pointed between both eyes. These eyes must be drawn with large circles and cover a good area of the head.

How to Draw A Vampire

Step 4

Draw the pupils using two more circles. A large cape can be added behind the cartoon vampire. This cape is also made from long curved lines. On the shirt, draw a large triangle like shown on the image below. 

How to Draw A Vampire

Step 5

Complete this drawing lesson by adding more details inside the head of the character. Oval shapes are added inside the pupils. A small line is used to create the nose and a longer one can be drawn to form the mouth. Teeth are made from small triangles. 

How to Draw A Vampire

Step 6

Congratulations! This fun cartoon vampire is now finished. This illustration below shows all lines that needs to be drawn to complete this fun cartoon character. 

How to Draw A Vampire
How to Draw A Vampire

These are all steps needed to create a fun vampire that doesn't drink blood or attack people (which is always nice!). Feel free to create your own version using basic shapes and remember to practice often! It's the key to succeed! :)

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