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How to Draw A Unicorn filled with bright pink colors

How to Draw A Unicorn

Whether it's fictional or not, learning how to draw a unicorn is always a rewarding experience!  This great cartoon character has been part of modern and ancient mythology for many many years. I will show you how to create a simple representation of a unicorn using only basic shapes and a cute template. Ready to sketch? Go!

Step 1

This first step is the most important one. Start with the creation of the head using a large oval shape. Add a smaller circle on the bottom to illustrate the jaw. The body is also made from a large oval shape and both front legs are created from rectangles. 

How to Draw A Unicorn

Step 2

When you are done, draw two large circles to represent the eyes. As you can see below, the eyes are almost touching each other and they are pretty close to the jaw. Next, draw the back legs using rectangles with round corners. 

How to Draw A Unicorn

Step 3

On top of the head of the unicorn, you can draw a long horn using a pointed triangle. A mane can also be drawn using a long curved line. Finally, sketch some hooves using small rectangles with pointed ends. 

How to Draw A Unicorn

Step 4

Continue working on this fascinating character by adding the ears using triangles with round corners. Pupils are created from large circular shapes. The tail consists of a long triangle made from curved lines. 

How to Draw A Unicorn

Step 5

Inside the ears, draw a second thin line like shown below. Pupils are filled with small oval shapes. Inside the shape used to create the jaw, sketch the nose using large dots and draw the mouth with a small curved line. 

How to Draw A Unicorn

Step 6

Nice work! This is the final cartoon character made from black and white shapes. This character is a little bit more challenging to draw, but with some practice you should be able to achieve your goal of creating the perfect unicorn! :)

How to Draw A Unicorn
How to Draw A Unicorn

These are all steps needed to create an adorable unicorn like the one found on this page. If you feel comfortable with this character, why not draw your own version using simple shapes and colors?

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