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How to Draw A Soldier ready to serve the country

How to Draw A Soldier

Learn how to draw a soldier that is adorable and ready to defend his country! It's true that being a soldier is not always a walk in the park. This job is stressful, demanding and psychologically disturbing sometimes. Yet, many young men and women don't hesitate to join and become soldiers. In this drawing tutorial, I will show you how to draw a fun character made from simple shapes and filled with just enough details to end up with a credible illustration. 

Step 1

Ready? Great! Sketch a large oval shape to illustrate the head of this adorable character. The body consists of a long rectangle. A line can be drawn on the bottom to separate the body and the legs.

How to Draw A Soldier

Step 2

Proceed with the eyes using large circles. The ears are also done using small circular shapes. The arms are made from rectangles and the hands are represented by circles. Create the shoes using circles.

How to Draw A Soldier

Step 3

The pupils are drawn with large circles. Small oval shapes are also added inside these pupils. A pointed line can be sketch to form the mouth and a smaller one to create the nose.

How to Draw A Soldier

Step 4

Time to add some equipment on this cute soldier. First, draw the helmet with a rectangular shape made with round corners. The weapon is done using mostly rectangles. 

How to Draw A Soldier

Step 5

Finally, you can sketch a star on the helmet of the soldier. On the body, draw some rectangles as shown below and you will end up with the perfect cartoon soldier.

How to Draw A Soldier

Step 6

As you can see, simplicity is always the best alternative. No need to draw complex elements to create a fun character that is easy to read and recognize. 

How to Draw A Soldier
How to Draw A Soldier

Now that you are more comfortable drawing a cartoon soldier like the one shown above, why not create your own version using simple shapes and colors. :)

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