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How to Draw A Panda with beautiful eyes

Not as rare as the real thing, this tutorial on how to draw a panda should help you create a cool illustration that represents a fun and cute cartoon character! Carefully drawn from a simple template, this panda is easy to sketch even by young kids or beginners. Let me show you how to create this adorable animal from China ...

Below is a colored version (well, at least in black and white because this animal doesn't really have any memorable colors) featuring the character fully drawn. As you can see, circular shapes are mostly used to illustrate this fun panda.

Step 1

Cool. Let's begin working on the head and the body using oval shapes. The head is sketched with a large oval shape and the top is slightly narrower than the bottom. The body is also made from a circle, but this one is not as large as the head. 

Step 2

When you are ready, you can work on the legs and feet using small circular shapes (only the top section of these elements must be used). The back legs are illustrated with two long curved lines. 

Step 3

On top of the head, small ears are added using once again circular shapes. A very small circle is also used to represent the nose of this cartoon panda. Now that the large shapes are created, let's work inside the head.

Step 4

The mouth is done using a long curved line. Make sure that the ends are narrower and pointed. The eyes are drawn using large circles and the pupils are made from smaller circular shapes. 

Step 5

In this final step, you can draw small circles inside the ears. Then, you can draw large patches around the eyes using once again large circles. Finally, you can sketch a patch on the stomach of the panda using a long curved line.

Step 6

Nice work! This is the final version once all lines are drawn, but no colors are added. As you ca see, this version of a cartoon panda is quite easy to achieved. 

You can see below all six steps needed to draw a wonderful cartoon panda. It's basically a huge bear colored in black and white.

Don't forget to practice as often as needed to become even better at drawing. This is the most important tip I can give you. More lessons are available below. Enjoy! :)

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