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How to Draw A Kitten with a tiny body and a cute face

How to draw a kitten

Cuteness can only be represented accurately using this tutorial on how to draw a kitten! Indeed, if cats are loved by everyone and often the subject of cute videos on the internet, then kittens are probably even more loved because they are so tiny and adorable! If you wish to draw a simple kitten using all the tips needed for a great result, then please follow this tutorial very carefully...

You can already learn how to draw a cat using a simple lesson, but what makes a kitten so special? How can you draw a kitten that doesn't look like a cat? If you don't know the answers yet, then please read this guide carefully to see how to draw this cute animal in just a few minutes. 

Step 1

Awesome! Let's work on the head and the body for this first step. The head can be illustrated with a round shape. This one is slightly narrower on top and larger on the bottom. Basically, it's a larger version of an egg. For the body, sketch a tiny square. A kitten is a baby cat, so it is important to make sure that the head is (much) larger than the body. 

How to draw a kitten

Step 2

Once again, to increase the level of cuteness (and make sure that the final illustration looks like a kitten) you can add small legs and paws. To do so, simply use circles and curved lines. 

How to draw a kitten

Step 3

The tail is drawn using a small circular shape. Eyes are drawn from large circles placed next to each other. You can leave some space below to add the mouth and the nose later. Finally, the ears are made from small triangles. These ears must be a little bit larger than the ones created for the cat. Indeed, the head of a kitten is smaller, so the ears will look bigger. 

How to draw a kitten

Step 4

The pupils are represented with large circles. The nose is drawn from a triangle. Finally, you can add a mouth using a simple line. Notice that the mouth and the nose are also connected using a small straight line. 

How to draw a kitten

Step 5

Complete this cute kitten by adding a triangle inside each ear. On the pupils you can also add an oval shape. This will increase the level of realism and make the eyes more alive, more engaging. 

How to draw a kitten

Step 6

That's it! This cute kitten is now completely illustrated. You can color it in black, brown, grey or even pink if you feel like it. Don't hesitate to unleash your creativity and add more details or change a few things. Working with your own style is also important!

How to draw a kitten
How to draw a kitten

Did you like this lesson on how to draw a kitten? Cool! Here are all steps required to draw this amazing animal. More fun kittens can be drawn below. Enjoy! :)

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