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How to Draw A Gorilla with a cute posture

How to draw a gorilla

Strong and agile, these qualities are not required to learn how to draw a gorilla! Indeed, unlike this superb animal, all the qualities needed to complete this drawing lessons are determination and patience. Since it is so easy to duplicate, no doubt that you will reach your goal of creating a cool character like this one in no time!

This gorilla is made from simple elements and colored in grey. The head is round and the body is created from an oval shape. Eyes are big and made from circular shapes. Finally, the gorilla has tiny ears and a small oval nose. 

Step 1

Great! Let's start with the creation of the head using a large oval shape. Make sure the top of the shape is slightly narrower while the bottom is more flat. 

How to draw a gorilla

Step 2

Next, add the body using another circular shape. The head must remain much larger than the body. The jaw should be drawn using a shape as shown on the illustration below. The nose is made from a small oval shape. 

How to draw a gorilla

Step 3

The back legs are represented by two circles. The arms are created with straight lines and the hands are made from a curved line. Only the thumbs are visible. 

How to draw a gorilla

Step 4

Good. Now let's work on the head to give more life to this illustration. First, draw the ears using small circles. The eyes are also made from circles (larger ones). Pupils are also large and should be closer to the middle of the face, not centered inside the eyes. 

How to draw a gorilla

Step 5

Cool! Time to add more details. Create a second circle inside the ears. The mouth must be done from a small curved line. Oval shapes are added inside the pupils. Finally, a long curved line is drawn on the stomach of the cartoon gorilla. 

How to draw a gorilla

Step 6

Nice work! The illustration below shows the complete gorilla without colors. Don't hesitate to practice often if you have some issues duplicating this cartoon character. 

How to draw a gorilla
How to draw a gorilla

Here are all six steps needed to draw this fun animal. You can also try another posture if you prefer to draw a cartoon gorilla from a side view. More adorable animals can be found below. Have fun! :)

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