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How to Draw A Fox with a large tail and a cute smile

How to draw a fox

Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to draw a fox using a basic step-by-step drawing tutorial prepared especially for you! Indeed, I will show you how you could illustrate a fun version of this adorable cartoon animal in just six easy steps.

This front version of the fox is made from simple elements and can easily be duplicated by beginners and even young kids! Above is the final version filled with colors. Are you ready to draw? Let's work on this fun cartoon animal now! :)

Step 1

Great! The first thing to do is draw the head using a long curved line. Notice the two pointed ends on each side of the head. These small lines are important since it's a very recognizable aspect of the fox. For the body, simply add a small rectangle below the head. 

How to draw a fox

Step 2

Move on with the creation of the eyes using large circles. These circles must be placed near each other and you must leave some space around the face to add the mouth and the nose. You can also draw the front legs and the back ones as shown on the picture below. 

How to draw a fox

Step 3

Ears are made from large triangles located on top of the head. Once again, don't draw tiny eyes if you want to create a character that looks like a fox. The tail in long, large and pointed on the end. 

How to draw a fox

Step 4

Time to add some expressions! Draw the pupils using small circular shapes inside the eyes. The nose must be drawn from a small oval shape and the mouth made from a long curved line. 

How to draw a fox

Step 5

Inside the tail, you can draw a small shape to create the white area. Repeat the same technique inside the ears and on the stomach. Finally, you can draw two small oval shapes inside the pupils to illustrate reflection. 

How to draw a fox

Step 6

Cool! This is a black and white version of a cartoon fox. The animal is quite recognizable, but adding colors is the final step to make sure that the animal doesn't look like a wolf or a simple dog.

How to draw a fox
How to draw a fox

You can try a different version if you feel like trying a more challenging version of this great cartoon animal. Hope you had fun with this and don't forget to practice often! :)

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