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How to Draw A Donkey filled with subtle gray colors

How to draw a donkey

Don't be stubborn! Learning how to draw a donkey is very easy using this amusing drawing lesson! In fact, most people are able to create this cartoon character by following all required instructions in just six steps. Let me show you how to draw a cartoon donkey using this lesson now!

Donkeys are like small horses. To make this lesson even easier to complete, I have created a front version. Side versions are also fun to draw, but much more complicated if you are a beginner. Let's draw this simple donkey using basic shapes using all six steps below.

Step 1

Let's begin with the addition of the head. Use a large circle to create this part of the body. Don't use a shape that is perfectly round. A mix between a circle and a square is perfect. Use a similar shape to illustrate the jaw. When you are done, proceed to the next step. 

How to draw a donkey

Step 2

The body can be drawn with a long oval shape. Then, you can draw the legs using long rectangles. Each hoof can be made from a rectangle with a pointed end on the bottom. To increase perspective, make sure the back legs are slightly higher than the front ones. It will also improve your illustration's readability. 

How to draw a donkey

Step 3

Eyes can be represented by large circular shapes. As you can see, these two shapes are really close to the jaw without touching it. They are also close to each other without being in contact. Finally, you can sketch long ears using triangles. 

How to draw a donkey

Step 4

Donkeys have a mane on top of the head. You can draw this part of the body using multiple triangles as seen below. Pupils can be drawn from circles and the tail is made from a long curved line located on the right of the cartoon character. 

How to draw a donkey

Step 5

Draw a small thin line inside the ears. You can also sketch oval shapes inside the pupils. Finally, draw a long curved line inside the bottom circle to create the mouth and add two circles to form the nose. 

How to draw a donkey

Step 6

Nice job! This cartoon animal looks lovely. You can add colors if you want to (donkeys are usually filled with a light grey color). Learning how to draw a donkey was not a difficult task and below you can find a preview of all six steps in one single illustration.

How to draw a donkey
How to draw a donkey

I hope you had fun creating this character. Don't hesitate to practice as often as needed. Have fun with this donkey and feel free to try more animals from the same series below. :)

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