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How to Draw A Dog with long cute ears

How to draw a dog

This is one easy lesson on how to draw a dog, without a doubt man's best friend! This simple tutorial will help you in your quest to learn how to draw better cartoon characters. Using one of the cutest cartoon design about a dog you could find, I will show you how to convert a few simple shapes into a stunning cartoon animal that you will be able to duplicate in just minutes. 

As you can see on the image found above, this dog is filled with a brown color and drawn with no outline. Of course, you will have access to the outline's version for this part of the tutorial. 

Step 1

Like most animals from the same series (or even most animals that I usually draw) it's always better and easier to start with the head. Sketch a large oval shape to represent this one. For the body, you can draw a small rectangle. If this shape is too small, you might end up with a puppy. If this shape is too long, you could end up with a dachshund. Just be careful to have something similar to the shape below.

How to draw a dog

Step 2

Continue working on this cute cartoon dog by adding the front and back legs. A few curved lines are needed to illustrate these elements properly. Once again, make sure you have good proportions for the legs. 

How to draw a dog

Step 3

Let's create the eyes and the nose. For the eyes, you just need large circles placed in the middle of the head. The nose can be illustrated with a small oval shape. Once you are done, you can proceed to the next step of this drawing tutorial. 

How to draw a dog

Step 4

Nice! You can add a long curved line to represent the mouth. You can also add a smaller line to join the mouth and the nose like displayed below. The pupils are made from circular shapes. You can also add small oval shapes inside the pupils to add more realism to the cartoon animal. 

How to draw a dog

Step 5

The tail is drawn using a small pointed triangle. Don't place this part of the body too high or too low. Next to the back leg is a perfect spot. The ears are created from long oval shapes. See how the ears are drawn on top of the head? This posture is excellent to illustrate a dynamic and energetic cartoon dog! 

How to draw a dog

Step 6

That's it! This fun cartoon dog is now completed. You can add colors (and the selection is wide!) or simply keep a black and white version if you prefer. Don't hesitate to try again if you are not satisfied with this first attempt. 

How to draw a dog
How to draw a dog

Good work! Learning how to draw a dog is really easy if you follow these steps carefully. I hope you had fun with this drawing lesson and you are invited to try more cartoon characters from the same series below. Have fun! :)

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