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How to Draw A Demon with a cute evil look

How to draw a demon

No evil entities are related to this tutorial on how to draw a demon! Only good things can happen if you decide to follow this drawing lesson carefully. Indeed, although this cartoon demon is supposed to represent fear, madness and pure evil, it's still made from simple shape and based on an adorable and funny design. Let's see if you can draw a cool cartoon demon in just six easy steps ...

A hot video to start with!

Before proceeding with the written version, you can try the cute little video found below. It should help you learn more about the character. Once you are done, you can start with step number one below and enjoy more tips to create this adorable creature quickly and easily.

Step 1

Let's proceed with the creation of the head using a large oval shape. This shape must be drawn like an egg, only larger. Please take a look at the illustration below if you need guidance. 

How to draw a demon

Step 2

This step is the most complex one. First, draw the body using a small rectangle that is slightly narrower on the bottom. The legs are made from small curved lines. The arms and hands are illustrated with curved lines and fingers are sharp and pointed. 

How to draw a demon

Step 3

When you are ready, draw large circular shapes to form the eyes. Make sure these eyes are close to each other. The ears are a little bit more complex to draw. Make sure they are pointed and also made from curved lines. 

How to draw a demon

Step 4

On top of the head, draw two small horns using triangles made from curved lines. The pupils are made from circles. Make sure that the pupils are large ... it's the most important tip to create a cute character!

How to draw a demon

Step 5

Cool! Now we need to add some facial features to complete this drawing tutorial. Eyebrows are made from small curved lines. Oval shapes are drawn inside the pupils and the nose is made from a small curved line. The mouth is also made from a curved line, but this one must be larger. 

How to draw a demon

Step 6

Great work! Below is the final cartoon demon in a black and white version. This cartoon character is quite easy to illustrate once you are able to draw all these steps accurately. 

How to draw a demon

Need more demons to learn how to draw this wonderful creature? Cool! You can start with this easy version featuring a fun character with long wings and horns. 

Next, why not get your hands on a simple demon drawn using no outlines and filled with great shadows, colors and lighting effects. It's a little bit more difficult, but quite rewarding to achieve!

How to draw a demon

Finally, why not try the ultimate version that represents a huge cartoon character with long teeth, scary horns and a bright red skin. Hope you had fun learning how to draw a demon! :)

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