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How to Draw A Cow with sharp horns and cute eyes

How to draw a cow

Need a simple drawing lesson to learn how to draw a cow? Great! I have exactly what you need to help you achieve your goal! Using only easy shapes and basic elements, I will show you how to draw this adorable character (front view) in just six steps. Don't worry if you are not comfortable with drawing. I promise that this cartoon animal is very easy to create.

Cows are not always white and filled with black patches. Cows can also be colored in brown. That's the template that I will use for today's lesson. Of course, you can always change the color and select something else. Above you can see how the final cow should look like. Let's draw this beautiful animal now! :)

Step 1

First, create the head with a square shape made with round corners. As you can see, the head is not a perfect circle. It is really a mix between a circle and a square. The body is made of an oval shape. On the bottom of the body, you can add both front legs using small rectangles. 

How to draw a cow

Step 2

Great! You can now add the back legs using a shape similar to the one used to create the front ones. When you are finished, add a hoof on each leg using a small rectangle. Notice that this rectangle is drawn with one side being a little bit wider.

How to draw a cow

Step 3

Time to work on the head of this amusing cartoon cow. Add ears using small triangles with round corners. The eyes are drawn from large circles. Make sure that they are close, but should not touch each other. The mouth area is illustrated with a medium oval shape. Good! Let's proceed to the next step. 

How to draw a cow

Step 4

Sketch a small udder under the stomach of the cow. You can use a long curved line to illustrate this part of the body. The pupils are represented by large circles. The mouth is made from a long curved line and the nose is created from small oval shapes. Finally, horns are done with pointed triangles. 

How to draw a cow

Step 5

Duplicate the shape of the ears and add a similar element inside each of them. Draw a few patches on the body. You can also draw small oval shapes inside the eyes to create something more believable. 

How to draw a cow

Step 6

Nice work! Now that this cow is done, add colors if you feel like it. Drawing this animal from a front view is really easier than trying to sketch it from a side view. Why? Because a side view offers more variations (you need to draw the neck, the nose, the forehead) and elements are not symmetrical. 

How to draw a cow
How to draw a cow

Here is an illustration featuring all steps needed to create this cartoon cow. If you take your time, practice a lot and don't give up on your goal, sketching this cow should become easier in just a few hours. Hope you had fun with this lesson on how to draw a cow! :)

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