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How to Draw A Chihuahua with a cute look

How to draw a chihuahua

Learn how to draw a chihuahua and make sure that this fun animal is well represented! Although chihuahuas are not always loved because they are noisy at times, this character won't disturb anyone and duplicating it should be quite easy. All you have to do is follow the drawing lesson below and make sure that you are adding all the right elements using the illustrated version.

This cute chihuahua (as seen above) is filled with a light brown color and the bow on the head is colored in purple. Ears are larger than a standard dog and the body is smaller and narrower. Now that we know exactly what we should do to create a cool chihuahua, let's begin this lesson!

Step 1

You can start by adding a large oval shape to form the head. See how the bottom is flatter than the top and created from a large curved line? For the body, you can add a small rectangle. Remember that this is a small dog, so don't draw a large body. A larger head also increase the cuteness of the cartoon illustration.

How to draw a chihuahua

Step 2

The legs are mostly made from curved lines. Look at the template below for guidelines on how to place these lines. The back legs should be higher and smaller to create a little bit of perspective. Once again, make sure that the head is larger than the rest of the body (including the legs). 

How to draw a chihuahua

Step 3

Cool! Now let's add the ears using large triangles made with curved lines. Remember that ears must be large and wide to increase the effect that the chihuahua has a small body and large head. Eyes can also be drawn using large circular shapes while the nose is represented by a small oval shape.

How to draw a chihuahua

Step 4

The bow on the head of the cartoon animal is made from an oval shape and two small triangles. Pupils are created from circles and they must be large and not quite in the center of the eye. The tail is tiny and illustrated from a small triangle. 

How to draw a chihuahua

Step 5

Duplicate the shape of the ears to create a thinner line inside each of them. For the mouth, you can use a simple curved line. Another small line can be used to connect the mouth and the nose. 

How to draw a chihuahua

Step 6

Great work. Below you can see a black and white version of our cartoon chihuahua. Large ears, a small bow, a tiny tail, a small body and a large head are crucial to create a recognizable chihuahua. 

How to draw a chihuahua
How to draw a chihuahua

Six steps. That's all you need to create a fun version of this cartoon dog. You can see all these steps in one single image above. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a chihuahua. Don't hesitate to try more cartoon animals from the same series below. :)

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