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How to Draw A Cheetah using cute simple dots

How to draw a cheetah

This tutorial will show you how to draw a cheetah using a simple technique that anyone can use! Everything on this cartoon animal was designed to end up with a drawing technique that is easy to master and accessible. Just follow each step carefully and you won't have any trouble drawing this fun cartoon character!

So what is the difference between illustrating a cartoon tiger and a cartoon cheetah? Well, cheetahs are like big cats. Ears are a little bit smaller and you can see many small dots on the body of this great animal. 

Step 1

Cool! Now let's sketch the head using a large oval shape. As you can see below, the head must be slightly narrower on top. Then, you can draw the mouth area (or the jaw) using a small circle like the one below. It's not a perfect circle, so study this shape carefully to make sure you are sketching it properly. 

How to draw a cheetah

Step 2

Alright! Let's add the body using a long and thin rectangle. Drawing a cheetah is all about working with finesse, so make sure the body is slim and fit. Then, you can add the front legs and back legs as shown on the picture below. 

How to draw a cheetah

Step 3

Great! Now you can work on the head by adding the eyes and the pupils using circles. Notice how the eyes are covering most of the space available on the head. The nose can be illustrated from a triangle. The mouth is made of a line. 

How to draw a cheetah

Step 4

The ears can be drawn from small triangles. You can use the same shape inside each ear. The tail is made from a long curved line with a round end. On the stomach, you can add another curved line so that you can modify the color easily. 

How to draw a cheetah

Step 5

Finally, you can complete this fun drawing tutorial by adding small dots on the forehead, the cheeks and the body. This is a cartoon character, so feel free to draw large dots to create a cute animal!

How to draw a cheetah

Step 6

Here is the final illustration in black and white. Once you are comfortable with this animal, drawing a tiger, a lion or a leopard will be even easier!

How to draw a cheetah
How to draw a cheetah

Did you enjoy this lesson on how to draw a cheetah? If you prefer to work with rectangles and squares, you can also try this other cartoon lesson and draw a rectangular cheetah. Enjoy! :)

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