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How to Draw A Cat with pointed ears and a cute smile

How to draw a cat

Time to learn how to draw a cat, the most popular cartoon animal on earth! Indeed, of all animals available on this site (or anywhere else!), cats are always the most commented or downloaded drawing tutorials. It's a good opportunity to learn how to draw a simplified version of this fun animal. It's easy! Let me show you how ...

First, let's see how the final result will look like. For this particular lesson, I have selected a light grey color to fill this cartoon character. Some elements like the ears and the back legs are darker to improve the illustration's readability. Let's draw this fun animal now! :)

Step 1

Just like most characters that you will draw throughout your life, starting with the head is always a good idea. For this image, I prefer to use a large oval shape. This shape is more flexible than a simple circle. For the body, you can sketch a small rectangle. The smaller the body is, the cuter the character will be.

How to draw a cat

Step 2

Next, we can work on the legs of this fun cat. The front legs are simply made of a circle cut in half. It's a simple technique, but it's so simple and so effective that I encourage you to use it often. The back legs are a little bit more complex, but if you follow the guideline below carefully, it should not be too difficult to duplicate.

How to draw a cat

Step 3

Good work! Now let's add a cute (and tiny) tail to the cartoon animal. Use a round shape to do so. Once again, the eyes are made from large circular shapes. That's the ultimate secret to create a cute cartoon character. :)

How to draw a cat

Step 4

The ears are made from triangles. Make them long and pointed. Why? Because we are not drawing a kitten, but a cat. Adding small ears could be confusing. The nose is also made from a small triangles while the pupils are illustrated with two large circles. 

How to draw a cat

Step 5

Since our goal is to create a fun cartoon character, let's draw a large curved line to represent the mouth. On the pupils, you can also add small oval shapes to give life to your illustration.

How to draw a cat

Step 6

That's it! This character is perfect. As you can see, using only a few basic shapes was enough to represent a fun version of this animal. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a cat and see below for all steps grouped together in one illustration.

How to draw a cat
How to draw a cat

This image above contains all six steps needed to draw this cat. Practice as much as possible if you are having trouble with this animal. Once you can draw this cat, illustrating the lion, the tiger, the dog or the cheetah will be very easy. More cute cats can also be drawn below. :)

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