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How to Draw A Butterfly with beautiful wings

How to draw a butterfly

It's now time to learn how to draw a cartoon butterfly using a great template and some easy step-by-step drawing techniques! Don't be afraid! Even young kids can achieve this simple drawing tutorial in just six steps. Every single element of the cartoon character was simplified to make sure that everyone trying this lesson would be able to complete it!

Above is a preview of the final character. As you can see, shapes are easy to duplicate and patterns on the wings are simple. Of course, feel free to use different colors if you wish to add something more colorful or brighter. Let's draw this insect now! :)

Step 1

First, you must sketch the head using a wide oval shape like shown below. Notice that this is not a perfect oval shape. The top is narrower while the bottom is more flat.

How to draw a butterfly

Step 2

Next, draw the body using a long pointed shape. Make the body thin and wider near the neck. You can also illustrate the eyes using two large circular shapes.

How to draw a butterfly

Step 3

The wings are made from rectangles with round corners. The part near the body must be smaller and narrower. Also, you can draw the bottom wings wider or thinner just to create something visually more interesting. In this case, the top wings are smaller (but it's usually the opposite). 

How to draw a butterfly

Step 4

Antennas are drawn from a simple pointed line. You can also use a similar line to represent the mouth. However, this new line must have a small curve in it. Finally, add the pupils using small circles.

How to draw a butterfly

Step 5

Adding small oval shapes inside the pupils can be a good idea if you want to give more life to the character. Also, you can sketch some patterns inside the wings. Once again, you don't need to create something similar to the template. Just use your imagination and create something different ...

How to draw a butterfly

Step 6

Nice work! This fun cartoon character is not so tough to create if you take your time and practice often. It's a cute cartoon insect that anyone can draw within minutes!

How to draw a butterfly
How to draw a butterfly

Above you can use an illustration with all steps required to illustrate this fun insect. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a butterfly and don't hesitate to draw more insects and animals from the same series below!

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